Do Subliminals Work for Everyone?

It’s difficult to measure the precise effectiveness of subliminal messages because there are so many variables involved (starting with the fact that we’re human) but my personal view is that, yes. subliminals work for everyone. There have been a number of studies that have shown this to be the case.

The speed with which they work will vary – not everyone is exposed to the same levels and everyone’s concentration levels are different – so you if you’re thinking of using them on yourself, you need to do what you can do to maximise the chances of the correct effect happening.

Congruency helps

subliminal messages workIf the subliminal messages you’re using are trying to change a long held belief then there’s a good chance you won’t think they’re working. But that’s to do with the nature of beliefs we’ve held for a long time.

The closer the messages are to your regular thinking, the faster they’ll work because they have less work to do.

Changing habits can take longer – with conscious effort, habits can take upwards of 2 weeks to happen.

What that means is that the more congruent the messages are with your general thoughts, the easier it will be for them to help you.

Repetition helps

If you listen to a subliminal track for a few minutes every now and then, it won’t have the same effect as setting aside a regular time and place to do it.

That’s the same with most things we do. You didn’t learn to ride a bike the first time you sat in the saddle. It took time for all the different processes to become second nature. And once they did, even if there was a gap of several years before you got on a bike again, you’d soon be riding as though there had never been a gap.

But the learning process had to happen first.

So if you’re listening to a new subliminal MP3 you’ll probably start to notice changes after two or three plays. But for the full effect, a couple of weeks (roughly the same time it takes to change a habit) will give it the most chance of giving you the desired effect.

The messages need to be straightforward

Your subconscious mind is dealing with a lot of things. It hasn’t got the time to decipher what a message means.

Subliminals work best when each message is short, to the point and totally clear and straightforward.

Most commercial subliminals will tell you the messages they’re using. If they don’t, don’t use them.

Take a few minutes to double check that the messages you’re sending to your subconscious mind are ones that you want to send.

Personally, I’ll read the messages out loud as a double check and I think it’s worth doing that.


Although it’s tempting, don’t listen to lots of different subliminal audios in too short a space of time.

Whilst they will likely still have an effect, your mind will thank you for focusing.

Choose one or two things you want to improve and work on them. When that’s happened, pick on the next things. And so on.

Be realistic

Whilst I’m sure you could listen to a subliminal message that was designed to turn you into an astronaut, the chance of you being one of the handful of people in the world who actually achieve that is low (sorry). Although you could do the next best thing and hitch a ride on a space ship with hypnosis.

Choose the subliminal messages you use so that they’re achievable for you.

That way, your whole body will be working towards the outcome rather than having subliminals taking you in one direction and other things you do taking you in a different direction.

Start small

If this is the first time you’ve tried using subliminals or if it’s been a while since the last time, I’d strongly suggest starting with something small that you want to change.

You might be wondering why you’d do this rather than working on a bigger problem.

The reason is that you’ll notice the results faster – a small item might only take a week or two for change to happen whereas a larger item might take weeks, months or even years.

Once you’ve achieved results, you’ll be much more likely to go on and change something bigger next time because you’ve proved to yourself that subliminals can work for you.

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