Are Subliminal Messages Real? Or Are They Just a Placebo? And Should You Care?

There’s a lot of comments around saying that subliminal messages aren’t real and that anything you get from them is just a placebo effect.

Derren Brown even went as far as giving participants in one of his shows a “subliminal” recording that was just the backing track – no messages whatsoever.

To my mind, it doesn’t actually matter whether subliminal messages work in theory or not. The proof is whether they work in real life.

There are plenty of things we accept that there’s no real proof for – lots of physicists believe in dark matter (partly because if it existed, it explains a lot of their theories) but no-one has ever been able to isolate it.

Homeopathic medicines work for a lot of people even though they’ve been diluted so much that the “active” ingredient is literally less than a drop in the ocean. But that doesn’t stop them working, sometimes with immediate and visible effect.

And then there’s the world of traditional medicine. Almost every test that’s carried out on new drugs has to be done against a placebo with no-one directly involved in the test knowing whether the pill is real or a placebo. To the annoyance of the big pharma drug companies, placebos often out perform the drug they’re testing. And to the puzzlement of the people involved, the placebo often has the same side effects as the real drug. Which is difficult for something that’s essentially just a sugar pill.

On that basis, it’s fine as far as I’m concerned whether subliminal messages are for real or not.

So long as the end result is what you wanted, who cares if it costs a few dollars to get the audio equivalent of a sugar pill?

It’s the result that counts.

Much more than the science behind it.

So, in my obviously humble opinion, it really doesn’t matter if subliminal messages officially “work” or officially don’t work.

And don’t get me started on bees – they’ve been buzzing around for about 150 million years. But until 2006 we hadn’t got a clue as to how they actually flew. All our theories came up blank and as far as science was concerned, bees couldn’t fly. Even though everyone could see for themselves that was obviously the wrong conclusion.

So science has been wrong on multiple occasions and it could well be that subliminal messages are just another part of our world where science has been wrong.

Just as those bees flew around for all those years even though scientists said they couldn’t. The bees knew better.

And I think that’s the same for subliminals.

You and I can test them out and figure out whether we get the effect we want.

Whether that’s a better mood, a drop in weight or any of hundreds of other things that people have carefully crafted subliminal message recordings for.

Plus there’s one other thing…

It really doesn’t matter whether or not you believe a word of what I’ve written. Or anyone else for that matter.

You can find out for yourself at no cost just by clicking this link.  Swap your email address for some tracks and a trial of some easy to use subliminal software and start using subliminal messages in your life.

It’s fun!