5 Ways to Make a Conversation Interesting With Your Crush

Make no mistake about it, striking a conversation with your crush can be one of the most nerve-wracking experiences in the world if you don’t prepare before the appointment. To ensure you don’t run out of words when interesting with your crush, you need to arm yourself with some interesting topics to talk about in order to keep the conversation flowing. In this post, we will discuss 5 tips on how to make a conversation interesting with your crush. Here are some of these great tips:

1. Ask Interesting Questions About Your Crush

conversation with your crushEveryone loves talking about themselves without getting tired. If you want your conversation with your crush to keep flowing when you don’t give much to say, start by asking them some interesting questions about their lives. It can be anything from their most memorable experience in college to what they enjoy most about their jobs. This is one opener that has never failed to yield the desired results. The goal is not to be in an awkward situation where no one has anything to say.

2. Talk About Your Common Interests

There must be something you and your spouse have a common interest in. You should at least know one or two things about your crush and their area of interest before the meeting. Even if you do not know, you can get a cue from the answers they give to your opening questions.

Once you find out something both of you have passion for, that is something to talk about in order to keep the conversation going in the right direction. You can easily find out what your crush has to passion for from the answers they give to some of your questions. The glow in their eyes and voice will betray where their interests lie and help you know where to base the conversation.

3. Talk About An Interesting Upcoming Event

If there is a big event coming up in your area, you may want to know how your crush feels about it. Once his/her face lights up on the mention of that event, then it is something you two should talk about. Just do your research and know what is coming up in your area and bring it up during your conversation.

It helps to do a background check before your meeting to know what your crush loves so you can do your research in that regard. For instance, you can check out their social media handles to find out what discussions they get involved in and what they love talking about.

This will give you an idea of what topic to raise. If they love music, do your findings of an upcoming music event or concert. Chances are that they may never have heard of the concert before you brought it up. Encourage them to attend the show with you an get a ticket for two. Once he/she accepts, you can take it up from there to increase your chances of making a good lasting impression on them about you.

4. Talk About Your Interesting and Funny Life Experiences

You can’t expect them to keep talking about themselves all day without telling your own story. Every good communication is two-way traffic. If you want the conversation to flow well, make sure you talk about your own experiences at some point.

Telling a funny story about an embarrassing experience you have had in the past always helps ease the tension and get your crush laughing out so hard. Once you can make your crush laugh, you have won the race halfway.

5. Ask More Questions

The essence of scheduling an appointment with your crush is to get to know them. You can keep asking questions from what they say to help you understand them more and keep the conversation flowing.

You can ask them about their favorite movies, songs, books, city or dream careers. Whatever they show more interest in should form the basis of a longer conversation. Your crush will appreciate the fact that you want to know what their future plans are. This might be all you need to get them to fall for you and give love a chance.