Will the Universe Give Me What I Want?

According to the law of attraction, you just have to ask the universe for what you want and you’ll receive it.

Which means that if you’re not getting what you say you want, there’s something that needs correcting.

But there are a few steps in the process of asking the universe that are essential to getting what you want delivered to you soon.

Be very clear and precise

manifestationIt should go without saying that the universe is big and that lots of things are happening in it.

What that means to your requests is that they need to be as clear and precise as possible.

Just asking more money or the perfect partner isn’t good enough.

If it’s money, set an amount (and qualify that with the words “at least”) and ideally, imagine what you’ll be using the money for rather than just requesting a pile of notes that you’ll put in a bank account anyway.

If it’s the perfect partner, stop short of naming that person (just in case circumstances won’t allow that to happen) but do describe them in as much detail as you can. And, like the money request, ask the universe to deliver them or something even better!

Be patient

Not everything can be delivered the next day.

You need to allow time for things to manifest in your life.

Small-ish requests can get filled quite fast but larger ones take time for all the pieces to come together.

Allow your request time to manifest and carry on with your life while that’s happening.

Give the universe some help

Not everything you request just appears, as if by magic.

Quite often – especially for larger items – you need to give the universe some help.

And, even if you don’t need to, helping can bring the item into your life faster. Plus it helps confirm to both the universe and your subconscious mind that you’re serious about your request.

Look for signs

It’s only people like Derren Brown who hire massive advertising trucks to give signs to people who would otherwise miss them (and the person in the show where he did that still took a while to realise it was happening).

Normally, the signs are there but they’re subtle.

So you need to be on the lookout for signs that your request is turning from a request into reality.

Quite often these signs appear at random. You might view them as coincidences if you weren’t looking for them.

Chances are, there will be more signs, more often, once you’ve put in your request to the universe. But if you go around as if you were wearing blinkers then you may not spot them.

Be open to things happening to you and make sure you take advantage of them as they crop up, even if they’re not happening in places where you’d expect them to appear.

Trust the universe

The universe delivers what’s best for us. Which may not always be totally congruent with what we think we want.

Often the universe will deliver something even better than we asked for – make sure that your requests allow for this to happen. You can easily phrase most requests to allow the universe to do this – it’s something I do my best to include in any requests I make.

Which means you need to be open to getting something different from the thing you asked the universe to manifest. That thing may seem odd at the time but, when you look back on it, you’ll almost certainly notice that it’s better in several ways.

Repeat the request occasionally

Yes, I know I said to be patient.

But reminding the universe helps both the universe and yourself. It reminds your subconscious mind that this matter is still important to you and that it should still be looking out for signs that it might otherwise miss if you didn’t remind it every now and then.

Thank the universe when your manifestation arrives

Being grateful is powerful and helps keep you in a positive frame of mind.

Thanking both the universe and the people around you works well as it helps everyone involved.

Be mindful of blockages

Anyone can get blockages from time to time.

Depending on what the blockage is, it may be the thing that’s slowing down or even stopping your request from manifesting.

This is especially the case if your blockage is effectively cancelling out your request.

For instance, if you’ve asked for more money but have a deep seated belief that money is evil or that rich people aren’t nice (neither of which are actually true) then that belief will be pulling the universe in the opposite direction.

This happens more than we care to admit.

We use our conscious mind to create our requests and we ignore the small, nagging, doubts that cross our mind.

But that’s not a good idea.

Those small doubts are our subconscious trying to remind us that the request we’re making doesn’t fit with our core values.

If you’ve been trying to manifest things into your life and they stubbornly refuse to appear, there’s a good chance you’ve got a blockage somewhere.

Fortunately, you can clear those blockages. Quickly and easily. Just by listening to one of the specially designed blockage clearing audios here. They’ll do all the hard work – all you have to do is listen.