Why Do I Always Think The Worst Is Going To Happen?

Why do I always think the worst is going to happen? The roots of this are a natural phenomenon

This phenomenon is human nature. We tend to overthink every situation. You have probably experienced this moment where you cannot remember if you locked your front door or not. Well, this phenomenon is the same but pushed to its limits. Indeed, someone suffering from this pessimistic mindset will not think about their front door but about the burglar that is stealing the television instead. It is simply the first situation but pushed to the worst-case scenario.

Once again, this is natural. Sadly, humans are pessimistic. On the other hand, we usually see videos of optimist monks in the mountains that look to enjoy their simple life. We are all a little bit jealous of these people who do not care about the worst, they just live the best. In this article, we are going to explore a three-step solution to change your mindset and stop thinking about the worst.

The solutions to stop this vicious cycle:

Don’t panic

don't panicThe biggest issue is that at the right moment you cannot remember if you locked your door, you start to panic. You do not rationalize the situation, you imagine everything that can happen because you forgot to lock your door. You only think about the bad sides. Indeed, you do not think about the possibility that a famous person could get into your open house and wait for you to come back. No, you think about the meanest burglar in the world.

So, the first point is to stay calm, think about statistics and that it is very unlikely that someone will ever get into your house. By the way, this is the truth, there is a 99% chance that nothing will happen.


Good job, you calmed down. Now think about what you can do. Can you change the situation? If we keep talking about the example of the door, can you come back and lock it? Won’t you be mad if you come back and see that it is locked? Think about the situation and about actions you can do to make the situation better.

Change your mindset

If you keep rationalizing these kinds of events, your mindset will probably start to switch. You will not care as much as these bad thoughts that go through your mind. After a few times that you overcame your fears and the worst-case scenario, you will start to stop being pessimistic. At this right moment, you can start being optimistic, and believe me, it will change your life. Stop thinking about the worst scenario, and start thinking about good scenarios. By changing slowly your mindset following this plan, you may be able to feel happiness from situations that would make you feel anxious before. If you become especially good at this game, you will soon be able to think about the best instead of the worst

Now, the next time you encounter a situation where you imagine the worst, follow these steps: calm down, think if you can act, and change your mindset in the long-term.