Why Am I Not Manifesting What I Want?

There are quite a few possible reasons as to why you’re not manifesting what you want (or what you’re telling yourself consciously that you want).

Work through these and there’s an excellent chance that you’ll clear any clear any blockages you’re experiencing and be well on your way to successful manifesting of anything you desire.

Do you really want it?

manifesting what you wantThis might sound a dumb question but if there’s something you’ve been trying to manifest for longer than you’d care to admit, it could be that, deep down, you don’t actually want it.

This happens a lot – there are almost always benefits to being where we are currently. Whether those are just being in your comfort zone or your subconscious trying to protect you or lots of other reasons.

If you’ve been stuck, identify what it is that you’re hoping to manifest and ask yourself why you want it. Then keep asking yourself why until you get to the real reason – most people find that their first few answers are actually quite “wooly” and don’t say much. Almost as though you’re a politician avoiding an answer.

Once you’ve gone through asking yourself “why” enough times (most people need at least 5 repetitions before they get to the core issue) then you’ll be a lot clearer on what you really want.

Are you asking correctly?

Requests to the universe need to be precise and free from negatives.

For instance, if you just asked for a new car, the universe could interpret that as being a car that’s new to you. And it wouldn’t have to be in the best mechanical state or even your preferred colour if you didn’t include those in your request.

The same goes for any other request you place.

The more detail you can include in your initial imagination of the request, the better.

That’s especially so for complicated requests.

A new head scarf doesn’t need too much detail – colour, material, pattern, that kind of thing.

But larger, more complicated, items should be vivid.

So if you wanted a new house you’d include the number of rooms, location, parking, garage, garden, features, etc. The closer you can get to running a virtual tour in your head, zooming in wherever necessary, the better the chance of it (or something even being better) manifesting.

And including the option for the universe to deliver even more than you ever dreamed is definitely a good idea – phrases like “or even better” or “at least” can help to do that.

Remember not to include negatives in your manifestation requests as the universe doesn’t handle negative words – it just ignores them. Which means they can completely change the bature of what you’re asking for.

You’re sabotaging yourself

This happens more than we’d like to think.

People on a diet do it all the time – they have “just” one piece of cake or a cookie or a sweet treat. Except it’s never just one item and they’re often in denial about eating the extra things at all.

The same happens with other requests we put in.

You’ll know what these are if you stop and ask yourself whether there’s anything you’re doing that’s getting in the way of whatever it is you’re aiming to manifest.

The closer you can get to being in complete alignment with your requests, the better.

If there’s anything that could fall into the “do as I say, not as I do” category, work on that until everything is in alignment.

Your request is impossible

You can’t turn the clock back – time only goes in one direction which means that as far as we know we can’t go back in time. Although there are some physicists who argue that the flow of time is an illusion so maybe a future generation will be able to enjoy the fountain of youth.

If your requests are too specific, it may be impossible for them to be delivered. Almost no-one will be a future president or monarch for instance. The person of your dreams may stay in their current relationship for their whole life.

So don’t limit yourself (you can request something similar and use an example) and don’t ask for the impossible.

You’ve got other blockages

We all have limiting beliefs – some of these are relatively small, others bigger.

But some limiting beliefs can get in the way of what we’re trying to manifest.

You may be able to identify these – if some nagging doubts crop up when you think about your request, those are limiting beliefs.

Or they may just be lurking in a distant part of your mind – but they’re there, nonetheless.

If you think you’ve got something blocking your manifestation and you can’t quite work out what it is, it’s worth going through a process to clear those blockages.

This collection of audios does that – there are lots of different tracks that you can select according to your needs. They’re professionally designed and recorded. And they’re very affordable, so they’re definitely worth investigating if you’ve still got something blocking what you’re doing your best to attract.