What to Say to Manifest Money

Manifesting money – normally using the law of attraction – is something anyone can do. Even if it appears that there’s no chance whatsoever of it happening.

As you probably know, what you focus on most is what appears in your life. The focusing can be conscious or it can come from your subconscious. Or, more likely, a mixture of both.

But if you’re constantly worrying about money and the lack of it, that’s what the universe will assume you want. And, if you look around you, that’s almost certainly what it’s delivered.

So, what can you do and say to manifest more money? Ideally sooner rather than later?

money magnetAffirmations are an excellent way to bring your conscious and subconscious minds together and get them working in the same direction.

Affirmations are short, positive, statements that you repeat to yourself on regular basis.

They are best if they’re written in the first person (I, me, my) and as though the event is happening.

Which means an affirmation such as “I am a money magnet” is much more effective than “I will be a money magnet”.

Sometimes the present tense jars with us and makes it difficult for our conscious mind to accept the affirmation.

If that’s the case for you, something like “Financial abundance comes to me easily.” is a bit more open. It allows the universe to send you more money but doesn’t clash as much when you look around you and don’t notice any immediate increase in money.

With affirmations, I find it best to have a list of between 6 and 10 that I read to myself on a regular basis.

My current list is here (it changes a bit over time but the principles are the same):

  • I am a money magnet
  • I manifest money easily and effortlessly
  • I am excited to see where more money is going to come from next
  • Money comes to me in expected and unexpected ways
  • Wealth constantly flows into my life
  • Financial abundance comes to me easily
  • I am wealthy
  • I make money easily

I have these in various places:

  • On a printout on my bedroom wall so that I’m prompted to read them first thing in the the morning and last thing at night
  • On my computer in a file on my desktop that I open regularly
  • As a set of custom messages that are inside the subliminal software that’s constantly running on my computer
  • On my phone screensaver

The best things to say to manifest money into your life are messages that are personal to you.

So it’s worth taking a bit of time to work out what your goals are.

Money in and of itself is less powerful than the things you’re going to do with it – what you’ll spend the money on.

Some of that could be paying down credit card and other debt. That’s an excellent idea but it’s still just a bunch of numbers on a screen.

We’re encouraged to not have physical money – notes and coins – and instead to spend digital money by swiping our cards and having the transfer of cash happen electronically.

The problem with this new system is that it reduces our connection with money, which can make it less easy to attract it.

There’s something very different about a small piece of plastic or swiping an app on a phone versus having a wad of notes in your pocket.

The value of the money is the same but the notes seem more real. Even though they’re both a belief system – we believe the banks will try to look after our digital money and we believe everyone will accept cash at its face value.

As well as saying things to attract money, it’s worth having physical things around you to remind you about it.

  • A jar of coins
  • A photo of some notes
  • A photo of what you’re going to spend those notes on

All of those work as triggers.

And if you can get in the habit of re-reading your money affirmations whenever you see one of those triggers, even better.

The more ways you can say things to manifest money, the better.

I use two main methods, both of which involve subliminal messages, plus a third “support” method.

The big advantage of subliminals is that they work in the background.

I’m a fan of hypnosis but I can’t spend the whole day listening to a hypnosis audio whereas I can spend a long time listening to a subliminal audio (I’m listening to one as I type this)

So, in addition to saying my money affirmations out loud several times a day, I use a combination of three other methods to maximise the opportunity for money to manifest itself.

  • Hypnosis – there are lots of different hypnosis audios that focus on money but this track is focused on helping you to get a money mindset, which in turn wil help you to manifest money. The track is professionally written and works nicely.
  • Subliminal software – this is a program that I run on my computer. It flashes subliminal messages on to my computer screen. Occasionally I consciously notice them as a slight flicker on the screen (if I’m doing some intensive work elsewhere on the computer) but most of the time the only part of me that notices the messages is my subconscious mind. The software comes with lots of pre-written messages that you can be certain are written correctly and also allows you to add in your own custom messages.
  • Subliminal audio – I’ve got the luxury of being able to wear headphones while I’m working (one of the plus points of working from home) so I play this track to myself. Sometimes I’ll choose a music background, more often I’ll choose the version with brainwave beats to get my mind on the right frequency. Because the spoken messages are at a subliminal level, they don’t get in the way of working

Whatever you decide to do, I wish you every success in attracting much more money into your life.