What is Crystal Ball Hypnotism? Can It Help You Relax Deeply?

As you probably know, a crystal ball is a glass ball often used by fortune tellers to be able to see your future.

In hypnotism, it can be used to focus your mind and make you go into a hypnotic state easier – a bit like the swinging watch so often seen in movies.

Or you can just imagine that you’re using a crystal ball to focus your hypnosis.

crystal ballThere are a couple of plus points to using your imagination:

  • You don’t have to buy a real crystal ball and store it somewhere when you’re not using it or figure out where to put it while you’re tranced out. Because if you go deep enough, you may lose your grip on it and if you use a table or stand, that may not put you in the best place to relax
  • It’s a lot easier to hypnotize yourself using a guided audio than it is to try to do it yourself – most people can go into a meditative state fairly easily by using a focus point but find it a lot less easy to go through the relaxation levels of a hypnotic induction. And the ball can be as large as you want it to be.

Despite what clairvoyants would like you to believe, it’s rare for anyone to see pictures inside a crystal ball. There might be a few “seers” who can do that (it’s not easy for scientists to prove or disprove) but they’re the exception, not the rule. As anyone who’s watched Derren Brown will know, most fortune tellers are just really good at cold reading people’s reactions and adjusting their knowledge accordingly.

So it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to see anything other than your own reflection if you use an actual crystal ball. Sorry.

But when you’re in a deep hypnotic state, things are different.

Your imagination takes over and it can do some really cool things.

Most people can imagine vividly, especially if they’re guided through the process whilst they’re nicely relaxed.

And that’s exactly what a crystal ball hypnosis audio can do for you.

The process is simple:

  • Get a hypnosis audio track
  • Find a nice, quiet place where you won’t be disturbed for about half an hour
  • Put on your headphones and press “play”
  • Let the powerful suggestions help you relax and go into a deep hypnotic state
  • Imagine all your negative feelings being somehow drawn out of you and transferring into the crystal ball
  • Let the magic of the crystal ball swap all that negative energy for positive energy – this is a crystal ball that’s firmly rooted in your imagination, so it can do magical things like that
  • Imagine yourself going inside the crystal ball and filling up with all the positive energy it’s created
  • Come out of your hypnotic state feeling refreshed and bouncy – almost like Tigger

It’s a fantastic process that, once you’ve downloaded the track, you can use at any time you need to be uplifted.

And the relaxation that happens during your 30 minute session is great for your body.

We don’t relax often enough as we get older.

It’s a skill that we seem to forget.

But our body needs to relax every now and then to get rid of the stresses and strains of our often hectic modern lives.

Relaxing deeply helps clear your mind – all the negative thoughts and worries melt away.

It also helps your body to work better – we’re not designed to be stressed out all the time and a lot of the things that happen in our body just happen a lot more smoothly when we’re relaxed.

So if you’d like to be able to go on your own personal journey using a vision of a crystal ball as a hook for your imagination, get the hypnosis audio now and listen to it whenever the need arises.