How to Unlock 100 percent of Your Brain

Einstein was a normal human just like rest of us. But he knew the secrets to unlock the full potential of his brain.

An American university in mid 90’s did some research on human brain and tracked its activity through EEG. Two groups of the same age were given two separate tasks. One group was told to draw a masterpiece and the other group was simply told to doodle anything.

After they were finished the test results showed the same brain activity and energy consumption was recorded during the activity of both groups.

Isn’t that surprising?

Unlock your brainThink about it. If it takes the same amount of energy and brain activity in a worthless doodle, we might as well utilize that time and energy in creating masterpieces instead. The real masterpiece here is your brain, and it deserves to read this article and unlock it’s true potential.

If normal humans can become geniuses by merely practicing these techniques then you too can increase your smartness by these tried and tested methods and techniques in no time.

Stop Writing Reminders

Seems like everyone these days is in habit of using reminders. Our brains have developed this lazy and harmful habit of being dependent on others to remind us of our tasks/chores. This habit has reduces our brain working capacity to 1%. Try to focus on what you wish to remember. Use your brain to visualize it clearly in your mind.

Tell yourself to remember this and mark it in your subconscious mind and review it when you wake up next morning.

Slowly but surely you will have more control over your tasks at hand yourself.

Meditate Every Day

We go through a lot of emotional ups and downs everyday. Our life becomes more and more complicated as we grow; our brain starts blurring out the things and memories that give you stress and mental unrest.

This is a natural reflex of your brain.

But this takes its toll in the longer run.

As we grow older we are more prone to emotional breakdowns or even depression because instead of learning from our mistakes that got us in stressful situations, we find it easy to blur them out instead.

Meditation helps in keeping us mentally healthy. It has many techniques. There are numerous articles, mobile apps and YouTube videos available, from Kundalini yoga or Asana to a simple count your blessings - everything works.

Get Out

Yes, you heard me right!

Sitting indoors also affects our brain in negative ways.

Working all the time may be good for your pocket but your senses need to be kept alive as well.

After centuries of evolution, we think we have evolved for good but instead we’re going in the opposite direction instead.

We work hard first half of our lives, we make money but ignore our physical fitness because of lack of time.

But when we get old we use all that money we earned to get back our health.

Cut the Junk Food

Think of yourself as a high maintenance luxury sports car.

You need to fuel yourself with healthy food and avoid the junk.

Fruits and vegetables are absolutely necessary for a balanced diet. A healthy body will result in a healthy mind.

For example Vitamin D, Omega-3, Vitamin B12 etc. are very important for the brain.

Our body does not produce Omega-3 naturally. Research suggests that composition of a healthy brain is inversely proportionate to age.

The older you get, you will need DHA like Omega-3 to reverse or at least slow down the mental decline and degeneration.

Sleep Like a Baby

Sleeping is a reboot or a reset button for your brain.

Sleeping helps you to not only regenerate your body but by having a good nights sleep your mind will also become more productive and creative.

Whenever you’re feeling stuck, try to have a power nap instead of stressing yourself in the same gridlock.

Studies from prominent universities like Harvard have proven again and again the importance of sleep by indicating a staggering33 percent improvement in ideas and problem solving skills.

Workout for Brain

Challenge your brain with board games like crossword puzzles or chess for a good brain exercise.

Such activities improve your logical reasoning and decision-making skills.

In your free time surf Internet instead of watching TV the Internet lets you interact which stimulates your brain activity.

Or simply by dressing in the dark you can help exercise your different senses to increase awareness and attention.

If you’d like more help unlocking your brain, check out my free report here.