Your Ultimate Guide to Law of Attraction Manifestation Signs

You have probably been hearing the word “The Secret” all over- the Oprah Winfrey show, from your neighbor, friends or relatives.

Well, you may have watched or listened to the CD or DVD and have been striving to live by the principles of ‘positive thinking’, as well as ‘the law of attraction’ brought to the fore by renowned author Louise Hay.

Before you throw in the towel, thinking your efforts have borne no fruits, here are some law of attraction manifestation signs:

Before we delve into the signs, this law can basically be summarized as: “what we think about is created by the universe and brought to us.” So thinking positively brings positive things our way, and vice versa.

Here are the main law of attraction signs:

  • You have began to attribute good things to a thought process that attracted them to you.
  • You now declare to yourself that you can get something that you don’t yet have via attracting it.
  • You now watch every word you speak, and negative words like, “I can’t”, and “It’s not possible” are no longer uttered frequently. Moreover, you not only watch the words you say, but also the attitude behind them.
  • If things that don’t make you feel so great happen, you are able to determine what feels good and decide and what you really want. You even appreciate the unexpected turn of events.
  • You love life more- there is so much to be thankful for.
  • You now know the law of attraction is a gradual process. You have noticed the gradual decrease in your thinking process, from negativity to more positivity.
  • If something bad happens, you have learned to question your thinking process to find out where you went wrong.
  • You are now more keen on what people are saying. If they begin to get negative, you opt out rather than allow your thoughts to get those negative messages, or worse still, participate
  • You are now spending less time dwelling on negative things, or those that make you feel bad.
  • You are now dealing with less people who are negative.
  • What you are trying to manifest in your life will come to you, for example, someone might just start talking about it, or you might see it somewhere- on a billboard, or even a movie. When you continue paying attention to it, a strong bond forms between you and what you are trying to achieve.
  • You have formed new habits
  • You are now more aware of your emotions. If you feel low, you look for ways to uplift yourself.
  • You are now more concerned with self-development, and you are keen on reading materials from the Internet, books, as well as listening and watching to anything that will result in self-improvement.
  • You now focus on what’s positive in your life.
  • You have a better mental image of yourself
  • You think more toward solutions rather than problems
  • You now believe in a greater power and your dreams stay alive in spite of the circumstances

Life undoubtedly becomes better when you subscribe to the law of attraction. Don’t give up, just look for out for the law of attraction manifestation signs. The universe is responding to you.

If you’d like more help with the law of attraction, take a look at this free video.