How to Remove Unwanted Thoughts from Your Mind

Are you a victim of continuous weird thoughts?

You may have tried your best to keep your bad thoughts away but they keep on haunting you. It is not time to despair and assume that you can’t get without it because there is a remedy for this. The problem with getting yourself into a state of despair is that it ends up in a downward spiral where every negative thought reinforces the previous negative thoughts and before you know it, you’re walking around with your own personal thunderstorm floating overhead.

Your mind may be stuck in bad thinking simply because of the day to day struggle that you face. There’s a lot of negativity in the world anyway – the news we watch or listen to, the atrocities that seem to happen on an hourly basis, even the people you speak to regularly who answer “not bad” when you ask them how they are. That answer in itself drags you down because our minds struggle to process negatives so it gets processed as “bad”. At least the automatic “have a nice day” response is positive.

Your unwanted thoughts may be due to lack of enough income, stress of everyday life, job loss or any other form of anxiety. If you do encounter persistent weird thoughts, the following methods will keep them away;

Avoid Unnecessary Distractions

It is obvious that anyone can be distracted at any given time. That does not mean that you should let that take you away from life or send you in a direction that really isn’t good for you. You should have a focused distraction whereby if something is disturbing you, you are in a position to handle it properly.

For example, if you are building a house right now, don’t let other things drive your attention from what you are doing at the moment.

Of course, chances are you’re not building a house – that’s a big project – but you can relate other unwanted thoughts to that. Maybe it’s the worry of a possible job loss (or promotion, which can be at least as stressful and cause you to ask yourself if you’re worthy). Maybe it’s something minor about what to eat tonight that will be tasty but won’t pile on the pounds. Often it’s the small things that mount up – the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Get yourself a distract-the-distractions thought. Anything that puts you in a brighter, more cheerful, mode. Maybe the memory of relaxing on a beach. Or, if you’re an adrenalin junkie, the last thrill seeking experience that got your heart racing. Whatever works well for you. Then multiply that thought – make it bigger, louder, more colourful, so you could almost reach out and touch it. Then anchor that feeling (touch yourself on the shoulder for instance).

Then amplify the feeling even more by giving it a colour and then expanding that colour right the way through your body and then into your future.

Sounds weird but it works!

Avoid Stress a Bit More

Each and every day, people all walks of life are advised to avoid stress, sometimes at any cost. We’re told that stress is the enemy and that’s kind-of true. A lot of stress goes back to when we were constantly on the lookout for things that were going to harm us.

But there’s not that much chance of a sabre toothed tiger creeping up on us and feasting on us. Likewise it’s unlikely the neighbouring cave dwellers will get out their clubs and use us as target practice.

But our bodies haven’t evolved to adapt to the modern, usually less life threatening, threats. Waiting in traffic, joining the wrong queue, being late for an important meeting, missing our favourite show and finding it’s not available on catch-up. All those modern day stressors that our body treats as though we’re about to be devoured because – deep down – it can’t tell the difference.

Imagine a situation whereby you have unwanted thoughts in your mind and you also allow stress to be the order of the day.

Stress has the effect of worsening your bad thinking.

So take the time to learn how to relax.

A power nap can work a treat as it’s your own personal, ten minute, break from life and brings you back refreshed and less stressed. Which, in turn, gives your unwanted thoughts the chance to wander off and stop bugging you.

Postpone Things to Later Date

You may have to naturally suppress your unwanted mind and stop it from thinking quite as much, but at the same time it will be good to postpone the unwanted thoughts to a later time. When you do that, you will be left in peace.

Sometimes procrastination is good for us.

The appropriate time for dealing with it will come to pass.

Obviously you shouldn’t postpone everything. But there are lots of things that really don’t matter one way or the other, even if we spend what seems like forever fretting about them.

If you find your mind dwelling on something for what seems like too long a time, write the item down. That gives your mind permission to stop thinking about it because you’ve “filed” the thought on a piece of paper.

Even if you never go back to that piece of paper again – it doesn’t matter because it’s there just in case you need to.

Accept and Move On

It may reach a point whereby you will have to just accept those pesky unwanted thoughts and move on.

When you decide to accept something, it will no longer haunt  you. It’s lost the power it was wielding over you.

Thesee are some of many methods on how you can remove unwanted thoughts from your mind and by following them, you will keep on moving forwards.

Pick a method that seems good – our first thoughts are usually the best way of doing this because that’s when our subconscious mind gets chance to act, before our conscious mind gets in the way.