What is Positive Self Talk?

The things you say to yourself is self talk – whether that’s positive or negative.

It doesn’t matter if the self talk is spoken out loud (although other people might look at you slightly weirdly if you do that within earshot) or “spoken” inside your head. It’s still self talk.

And – if you’re like lots of people – that self talk is more often than not negative.

Turning round that negativity so that your self talk is more often positive is an excellent aim.

Positive self talk helps reduce the negativity in your life

self talkThe less negative words you use when you’re talking to yourself, the better.

We’re exposed to negativity everywhere – it sells news (or clickbait), people you meet or message with are often negative or reinforcing negative views.

Which means you need your own personal force field of positive self talk to help you come out of things well.

Positive self talk can be lots of things:

  • Practicing gratitude – being grateful for the positive things that come into our life all the time but so often we ignore or don’t even notice them.
  • Saying things in a more positive way – our thoughts and words have a lot of effect over us so do your best to be careful to phrase them as positively as possible,
  • The people we associate with and the things we watch and read – they all affect how positive we are and how positive our self talk is.

Turn the conversation inside your head around to make it more positive

Take note of your thoughts and words.

When you catch yourself in a negative frame of mind, do your best to turn things around. But don’t beat yourself up in the process – you’re only human.

The trick is to turn those negative thoughts and words into positive ones as often as possible. Do that for the next few weeks and notice how your whole frame of mind turns round – you’re chipping away at the negative edges and gradually they’ll succumb to your more positive thoughts and they’ll run away somewhere they can thrive.

What you’re aiming for is to be a place that positive thoughts can survive and multiply,

Be careful about the words you use

It’s easy to get into using negative words and phrases – “not bad” is still interpreted as “bad” by your subconscious because it doesn’t have time to deal with the negative side of that phrase and, even if it did, it’s then got to figure out what would replace it. That’s what our conscious minds do but they don’t process anywhere near the same quantity of things as our subconscious, so keep things simple for it in order to get the best results.

Even turning round “not bad” to “I’m good” helps – it really can be that simple.

Notice what you’re saying on a regular basis and, if it’s negative, turn it round to positive as often as you can.

You’re not deluding or fooling yourself – you’re bringing out the positive side of things that’s there, often hiding in plain sight.

You’ll start to attract more positive things into your life just by turning round your almost automatic replies and self talk.

As a by-product, turning your thoughts and self talk positive more often helps improve your mood which then attracts more positive people and things into your life.

It’s a virtuous circle.

And if you’d like to easily train yourself to have more positive self talk more often, check out this link.