How to Lift Your Mood When You Feel Down

We all feel down from time to time – even the most bubbly people. In fact, sometimes it’s those people who feel down more often. That happens with comedians a lot.

There are various ways to lift your mood, including prescription drugs if you and your doctor deem them really necessary.

But before you get to the stage of popping pills, try one or more of these simple ideas.

And don’t be disarmed by their simplicity – some of them are designed to catch your subconscious off guard.

Stand up.

Look upwards.

Lift your arms above your head.

And yell out “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

If it’s not appropriate to yell out loud, yell in your head. It still works, just not quite as well.

Listen to some music.

They don’t call it mood music for nothing.

Some music is uplifting, other music is the opposite.

Different people react differently to tracks so – as soon as possible – create your own playlist of a few tracks that 99% of the time will lift your mood almost as soon as you hear the first few bars of the track.

Break state.

By that I mean your mental state.

Do something completely different – maybe go for a walk, maybe turn off the news, maybe immerse yourself in a show or a movie.

Anything that’s different to your current state.

It might take a few minutes, it might take longer, but it should tip your mood and help you feel less down.

And while you’re at it, stop moping.

We listen to those voices inside our heads and give them far too much importance.

Make a conscious effort to quieten the voices and the impact they’re having on you.

Laugh at them. Play with their volume and tonality. Shift where they’re coming from.

Have a relaxing drink.

Preferably not alcohol – that’s a depressant – and be careful with too much caffeine or artificial sweeteners.

That’s a different story but basically they’re worse for you than sugar, so grab a sugar rush drink if you really must.

Savour the drink – take the time to notice what you’re drinking rather than slurping it down on autopilot.

Take a power nap.

Lots of famous and successful people have done this so why not join the long list.

A power nap doesn’t take long so you can fit it in with the rest of your life and you can use it to reinvigorate yourself.

Make real contact with another living being.

It could be hugging someone.

It could be greeting a dog when you’re out walking.

It could even just be making more conversation with a cashier or waitress than the regular “have a nice day” snippet of life.

Take a deep breath.

Often, when we’re down, we don’t take the trouble to breathe properly.

You might not notice it but your breaths become shorter and you take in less oxygen.

So take a deep breath – or several – and make each one a really conscious breath, noticing every aspect of it from the first intake to the last exhale.

Flip round the negative aspect of whatever is bringing you down.

With the exception of a shadow, nothing only has one side.

You might have to look for the opposite side but it’s there.

Find it.

Or just make it up – it’s your mood, your imagination, why not?

Learn to relax again.

You probably knew how to relax when you were young but you’re almost certainly out of practice.


Listen to relaxing music or a hypnosis or meditation track or whatever else helps you unwind.

And speaking of those, click this link to get a selection of tracks and other things that will help you help yourself.

They’re not all related to feeling down or lifting your mood.

But they’ll all help.

So click the link now and start getting your life back in an upward spiral.