Is it Possible to Explain the Universal Law of Attraction in Layman’s Terms?

When it comes to personal development websites or posts on social media, you’re likely to have heard of the universal law of attraction at some point.

As far as I know, that’s all I can say about how this law works and how it affects us in our daily lives, even when we aren’t aware of how it works.

The universal law of attraction states that what you put out is what you get back.

universal law of attractionHere, the focus is on your thoughts and how they affect your life on a day-to-day basis.

You’ve seen the universal law of attraction in action if you’ve ever noticed that lucky people almost always seem to have lucky things happen to them.

They are constantly reflecting on how fortunate they have been.

Because of this, they are open to receiving good fortune.

Despite walking down the same street with them, they’d notice the $10 bill on the sidewalk while you would walk right over it, even if you were exactly the same speed.

It applies to every aspect of your life.

In other words, the “trick” is to alter your perspective on the situation.

While that may be easier said than done at first, the universal law of attraction can be perceived as a stumbling block for many people.

As a result, they believe that they should be attracting all kinds of fantastic things into their lives because they are already thinking positive thoughts.

How come this does not occur in the real world?

It’s not just a theory; the law is, in fact, a law.

Regardless of whether or not you realise it, you’ve been focusing on whatever has shown up in your life.

Step back for a moment and allow your thoughts to flow freely again.

At first, they may be wary, but persevere and give them room to grow.

Consider your thoughts one by one before moving on.

Start by grabbing hold of the first thought that pops up in your head.

If you’re constantly thinking about money, it may be sending out the message that you’re not worth much.

The second option is a better one to pursue because it is the root of many people’s problems today.

Possibly even you.

Having a constant fear of not having enough money is a sure sign that you’re wasting your time worrying about it.

Because it believes that you want to be in that state, your subconscious will actively work to keep you there.

It’s exactly the opposite of what you want to happen.

It’s not that your subconscious doesn’t understand negative words, but rather that it interprets them literally.

So, if you’re telling yourself over and over again that you don’t want to be poor, your subconscious will interpret that as a command to become poor.

I know it sounds stupid, but it doesn’t understand any other way to read your thoughts.

If you want to take advantage of the universal law of attraction, you should make it a habit to think more positively.