How to Unleash Your Inner Genius

Geniuses are also people like you and me, but we sometimes do not know it!

We all have great potential, yet they say that humans use only 5% of their brain capacity. What if we could explore a little more? Starting to use 6%, 7% or even 10% of this capacity? Could we be a little further ahead and moving towards the genius level (even if just a bit)? I have no doubt of that.

There is still no proven way to access this huge potential that we have. However, there are ways to reach it from time to time. Sigmund Freud, the father of modern psychology, discovered that in our minds there is a subconscious, where accessed drastically increases our ability to succeed in what we want.

How does it work?

inner geniusOver the years there have been many hypotheses about using this immense power, most agree that it works 24 hours a day. So he does not sleep or rest – he is always active.

Therefore, you must program your subconscious to work on what you want, so it will focus your inner genius to improve what you have determined.

Activating the subconscious

The best time to do this is when you are getting ready for bed. When you are asleep, your conscious mind gets out of the way of the subconscious, letting it work without interventions.

Before going to bed, write down on paper the most important thing you want to improve or get rid of.

It can be a goal, a skill, a habit, an addiction, etc.

Visualize, think, and look at your goal.

Imagine yourself in the future when you have solved it.

This process should take at least five minutes, and you should focus on it carefully. Then rip the paper, put it all out of your mind (forget it) and go to sleep.

Throughout the night, your subconscious mind will work on this issue that you put on paper and find ways to improve, achieve, get rid of, etc. All this while you sleep.

The next morning, you may have already improved the skill you put on paper or have a wave of new ideas to help you accomplish your goal.

This simple technique can activate your subconscious mind in such a deep way that it can make an incredible difference in your future.

Ignoring the human, mental, physical, mental, and energetic processing phases, the body, the mind, and the human being must process the energies of creation in the genius phase since at that time the body is booted to a holistic, wondrous, unified high-performance euphoria a logical “down” follows.

Lack of preparatory phases – physical, mental, mental-spiritual and energetic preparation for the high-altitude flights and the fall after – can cause problems so make sure you do enough preparation for the task ahead of you.

There’s often an expectation pressure – the expectation of constant, everlasting highlights, the feeling of well-being and liveliness. Personally, I find that if I go into something with as open a mind as possible, I get more out of it.

Fear of failure is another human trait. Dogs “know” they’re going to catch that ball, even if experience suggests otherwise. But humans often build themselves up for failute and deep disappointment

An “aloof sense of self” can also be an issue – the “ego-feeling” seems to exist only in the higher spheres and we’ve all met people whose ego could fill the whole building given half a chance.

We often carry around lots of pre-existing ignorance about what a genius is at all, what it means, how it comes to actually be a genius. Clearing your head of those thoughts will help your journey to become more of a genius in your chosen areas.

Profitability of a genius?

Today’s time smoothly sets aside the few discovered genius managers. You might be able to sell the fruits of genius, but what does it mean by man and his needs behind it? The high-performance phases mean pure profit! So nothing but a “run” on the high performance.

It has long been known that geniuses often do not pay attention to themselves and therefore do not always last long. The manager finds another genius for himself that he can protect.

If the genius is only required as long as possible and the recovery phase is unconsciously or deliberately ignored fatigue, illness, delusionality automatically follow. The genius must learn to balance. The genius in each of you should also take care of the right balance and so finally master your own genius, become the master of your own genius in human existence. Nowhere are we as behind as on this topic.

If the genius succeeds in gaining a healthy old age and older senses, his genius transforms into something new, unknown, surprising, unexpected and yet strangely normal. To be a genius becomes routine! Ups and downs give way to the understanding of life and its creative rhythms. Peace and quiet return while the former genius continues his “excursions”. An old veteran, a master in his own field, is born, who, out of the inner master, in his own genius accompanies himself through many vibrational levels.

And if all that sounds a bit “other world”, don’t panic.

There are ways that you can unleash your inner genius here.

Go on, treat yourself to a mind that’s got to grips with its genius levels!