How to Make a Dramatic Change in Your Life

Have you ever wondered why did your life seem a bit dull compared to the others? Sometimes you are wondering why the others get all the cool moments in their life and here you are finding ways on how to change your life. Some of you even considering quitting your job in order to fulfill your bucket list but still worrying about financial problems. Not to mention some debts from your studies.

Let me be frank with you. All the other people are just the same as you. In fact, they have almost similar problems to you. But how do they cope up with their problems while you don’t? Here I will be giving away 6 ways that you can do to dramatically change your life. Yes indeed. However, you need to follow these steps consistently in order to feel the change.

Stop Procrastinating

wasting timeYou heard it right. After reading this article, straightaway do tasks that will make you feel accomplishing something. Whether finishing the freelance tasks given to you weeks ago, continuing writing your books or other things as simple as doing your laundry. The key is to stop procrastinating. Stop wasting your time surfing the internet and watching your friends’ IG post. It will only make you feel worse. Instead, try to do something you have been meaning to do. For starters, don’t do something that is almost impossible for you to accomplish. Try to do tasks that are less mundane. Over time you will get used to it. Only then you will be able to move to the next step.

Scheduling Your Time

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. You’ve heard about this saying right? For me, this is ultimately true because if you can take some time to plan your task, the task itself will take more of your time. In the end, you will feel more stressful as you are racing against the deadline. Some people take for granted about this method. They think that as long as you finish your task, you will be able to move to the next one. This is partially true but without proper planning, your task will take too much of your time when you should productively do it to complete other things faster. As for me, I would plan my task depending on my daily routine. I woke up early in the day and start checking my to-do list. I made sure to do the heavy task first such as brainstorming ideas for my book. In the evening, I would do a simple task that uses less of my brainpower. Everyone has their different time phase so make sure to find the right time to fit your schedule.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Yes. Although it is really hard to admit it, we always try to compare ourselves with others. Whether comparing ourselves with our siblings, friends or even our colleagues. Here’s a piece of advice. Just don’t. You might even think why did some people are luckier than you. The problem is you only compare yourself to people that are better than you. Why don’t you try to compare yourself to people that are less fortunate than you? That way, you will realize the problems in your life aren’t so bad at all. Comparing yourself to other people that are luckier than you is futile. Even if someday you are doing better than some other people, you will still need to look for other better people to compare yourself to. There is no end to this drama. Starting now, try to see the good side of your life and take the bad things that happen to build yourself up.

Read a Lot of Books

Yes, Read books. A lot. Don’t just skim over the books. Take your time to fully understand the books. You can pick any books you like. But I would recommend self-help books first. I started reading self-help books years ago and it made me realized there are lots of things I can do to build myself better. I learned a lot of self-help until to the point that I manage to help other people through their life. If you want to dramatically change your life, start reading. Reading will also help you to think critically instead of worrying too much about your problems. After all, the more books you read, the wiser you get.

Create a Healthy Diet

You are what you eat. This is indeed true because if you eat junk food too much, it will only make you feel like, well, junk. Try to create a balanced diet. Eat some organic food. Stop with the sugary drinks or those fast foods that you used to order. It’s bad for your health. Having a balanced diet will help to nourish your energy thus helping you to think better. Put some vegetables into your diet. You need sufficient carbs, proteins, calcium, and other vitamins to feel better. Instead of taking those vitamin pills you bought, try consuming food that is organically full of those vitamins. Trust me, after two weeks of a healthy diet, you will start to feel better and have more energy to complete your tasks.


Meditating is crucial for your life as it helps to calm you down. Instead of worrying about your problems that may have not to arise yet, take time to meditate. Meditate helps to alleviate stress and worries. It also helps you to think clearly and focus more on the solutions instead of the problems. Just take 30 minutes from your daily life to meditate. During that time, focus on your breathing and physical body. Let go of those problems for a while. Take some time to relax before continuing your tasks. Most people become stressed because they did not allocate some of their time to meditate or relax for a while. You will need to relax in order to cool down yourself for a moment. Trust me, a little time to relax and meditate works really well when you don’t know what to do with your tasks.