How to Get Into the Zone

get in the zone

Get into the zone

The easiest way to get into the zone and use manifesting to your real advantage is to get into the zone using self-hypnosis for when you actually get up.

It’™s possible to write down a certain phrase and repeat it to yourself several times, but then it’™s already in your subconscious mind cleansing itself from your every thought.

Then, as you get out of bed, simply recite the phrase again.

The key to this quickly getting into the zone is repeated suggestions – the more you do it, the easier it is, especially when the suggestion is simple.

Have a set time

get in the zoneOnce you are truly in the zone following your suggestions, make sure to use your regular morning’s time to work on your energy, state of mind, or memory as you begin your day and continue until your sleeping time.

The more you get into the zone, the more you are able to clear your mind of any distracting thoughts and coax your subconscious to truly work.

If time crunches and procrastination get you down, add 6-7 minutes to your work time and then repeat for the remaining 3-4 minutes.

Your body will give up on you via your subconscious if you can give it 15 minutes to rest and take a break before compounded efforts and still keep intentionally away from the distractions and problems that you were working on. This is also a marvelous way to quiet your mind while you sleep.

Do the same pattern at night

Repetition is the key to most things – it gets your body into a routine.

The closer you can make this to a habit, the better.

So repeat the morning process last thing at night and you’ll start to feel the benefits faster.

Record your commands and/or affirmations

With the use of a computer or phone recording device you can record the suggestions that you want to utilize in the beginning and end of programming your subconscious.

Look for treatment patterns psychologists mainly use to hold a certain type of intention and training their clients.

For instance, If you are attempting to have greater happiness, it will be best to use affirmations that are positive and have a warrior spirit attitude feeling, like:

  • I engage in matters of major and minor happiness.
  • I am a loving person.
  • I am a fortunate person.
  • I am a caring person.
  • I am a good friend.
  • I am supportive and lovable.
  • I genuinely love.
  • I am self-assured, self-confident,
  • I have an endless supply of prosperity and success.
  • I am an achiever through and through. I am so loving, so vital, so radiant, so smart, happy, andaughterful.
  • I am unstoppable till the very end.
  • I attract immediate and sustained results, I have everything I want.
  • I am deeply in the flow. I am always open to the opportunities and the possibilities that come my way.
  • I have so much energy I use when I come up with new ideas.
  • I feel energized and really excited.

Use affirmations & energize your desires

Finally, before you go to bed, repeat each affirmation 3 times.

It serves you to use affirmations that aim at supercharging your desires.

When you look anytime at the circumstances that you want to focus on, you have to say to yourself: I’m in this, and that, and even this. This also allows you to look at your macro picture of your purpose and habits (not that this is always fun), and it allows you to develop the focus on the characteristics that make up that macro picture.

Repeat these affirmations 2-3 times a day. It’™s very beneficial to do this for at least a month, but even better for a few months – you™’re going to be noticing that things are really starting to happen, and weren’’t there before!