How to Find the Wealth Corner of Your Home or Office

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice and it involves harmonizing the energy sources of both yourself and the places you find yourself in, such as your home or your office.

Traditionally, it has been used to orientate buildings and the rooms within then but – unless you’re designing your home or your office from scratch – you’ll have to rely on what already exists and find the best places within that space.

attract wealthLots of Feng Shui practitioners use a system called “Eight Aspirations” to help determine where things should ideally be placed.

These are based on the 8 main compass points and each point has an element related to it as well as the type of luck associated with that. There’s also a family member most associated with each point.

We’re going to concentrate on the South East sector because that’s the one that’s associated with wealth. But we’re also going to look at the upper left area of your home because that’s what the Western (BTB) Feng Shui considers to be the wealth area.

And another school of Feng Shui thought considers the wealth or money centre to be the actual centre of your location.

Which begs the question…

Which area should you focus on?

It follows that not all three options can be correct but that’s OK.

Different buildings have a different ambience and different people have different energy levels.

So it’s a matter of finding out the best fit for you.

Pick one place first – you can’t work personally work on two locations at once and when you’ve got one location sorted, doing any subsequent ones will be easier because you’ll know how you feel when things change.

Often it’s a subconscious feeling that something is either right or not. You’ll have experienced that before when you’ve become edgy about someone or something for no apparent reason.

Defining the area is just the start – go with whichever feels best for you. And, of course, is practical without knocking down walls or disrupting other people.

Adjust your space to attract wealth

Wood is the element associated with wealth so adding wooden things to the area you’ve chosen will help attract more money from the energy given off by the wood.

Blue is the colour that’s associated with wealth (not green even though that’s the colour of money in the USA) and water helps to nourish wood both when it’s growing and when it’s been used as a material. Consider a water feature if you’ve got the space and the available plumbing and power. You can get indoor fountains and you may well find that the gentle running of water through them helps calm your mind as well as attract more wealth.

If you’re able to add a mirror or two, they amplify the power of attracting money, especially if the reflections include water or blue objects and scenes (so consider adding a photo of the ocean to your wealth space).

Including a money plant in your wealth area is also well worth considering. The Jade plant is traditionally considered to be the money plant so when you’re next at your local garden centre or shopping for plants online, add that to your list and find an appropriate place for it to help you attract more wealth.

Add some prosperity symbols

If there’s space and the wealth room isn’t used as a bedroom or a kitchen, consider adding a small aquarium. This doesn’t need to be large or have exotic fish in it, as with most things associated with Feng Shuo, it’s the symbolism that’s important.

Gold coins are nice to adorn your wealth space or you could consider using a money frog if you prefer.

The mythical creature the Pixiu is another way to attract wealth in Feng Shui – again with the “not in the bedroom” restriction.

Pixius attract wealth from all directions and hold on to the wealth once it arrives, so they’re an excellent addition to your wealth area.

Check your mindset

Having the room set correctly will help you develop a wealth mindset but there are other things you can do to help attract wealth.

In my opinion, the best way to help your mind get working on attracting wealth is by using hypnosis. Much like Feng Shui, this works with your whole body and especially your subconscious mind, which is in charge of most of what happens in your life.

If that’s something you think would be of benefit, click this link to get a  free 19 minute wealth reprogramming hypnosis audio and check it out for yourself.