How To Enjoy Studying For Exams?

Nowadays, on social media, people are posting funny photos of how they are not studying or how they cannot study. That’s pretty bad because, the more we use our brains, the more we benefit. Throughout life, all information is important. There are a lot of chances that we can miss if we lack knowledge,

But, what’s the point of studying? Studying is a complex process and takes a lot of time. For some subjects, it is better to learn while you are in school because you probably won’t have time to study everything when you become an adult. Of course, to make a difference, we learn every day, but we can most effectively study in our youth because our brains are the most efficient then. Why waste time in adulthood learning the basics when you should be learning things to help us progress in our career?

studying for examsStudying prepares us and our critical thinking for a complex process called life. That’s the main reason why we should stay motivated to study. As mentioned, all information is important, because we never know when we need that and that information. It’s simple. OK, there’s probably an exception for trigonometry and algebra but even those can crop up now and then.

But, how to make this process more effective and fun? – First, we have to know when our brains are the most effective. This varies from person to person but, vased on research, for most of us  our brains work the best in the morning (8 – 10am) and afternoon (4 – 5pm). It is important to plan our studying at that time. And we should get enough sleep! Let’s get into the tips:

  • Get proper lessons – these should be medium to hard, not too exhausting because we won’t learn anything. After lessons, people study better much more and we will probably connect the content of studying with some situation in life. This could be interesting.
  • Beware too many things on your desk – people are usually easily distracted. But, why not use those distractions to learn something? Let’s say that we divide the lesson into several parts. Now, it’s interesting that you can make some type of model with those things and learn like that. Try it if it sounds confusing. For example. from chemistry I tried to learn the ethine oxidation reaction and I made a form for ethine, for oxygen and for the product of that reaction, it’s much more interesting especially if you add some colors, or if you use toys.
  • Change your place – something it is really easy to learn and more fun when you are in some unusual place. Let’s say that we are constantly studying in our room, but we cannot take it anymore. Try learning in the garden or attic, it would be definitely funnier.
  • Make some things ridiculous for yourself – try to make a joke on some part of the lesson. For example, it can be some funny photos or videos that you have seen on social media. Please, just try not to be like Alex Mitchell or Pietro Aretino :).
  • Reward yourself – if you know something about psychology, you must have heard about learning by conditioning. That’s a type of learning when people usually make sure they get rewards for successful actions. It will definitely motivate you and make studying more fun.
  • Use a friend – discussing the content of the lesson is best, especially if you work with some other person, for example, it can be your best friend, girlfriend or boyfriend. You will be more deeply into the content and you won’t forget it after 4 days.
  • Flashcards – these are interesting. If you cannot learn something even after an hour or two, try to use small bits of paper and write on them the things you’re trying to learn. Bring them with you and make sure you are repeating them because repetition is a large part of studying.
  • Associations – learning with friends is very interesting, so make flashcards with some keywords and try guessing until you know it 90% or more.
  • Create your social media account – (always assuming you don’t already have enough of these) you can post a lot of funny photos with the content of your lesson. You will remember it longer and it definitely will be funnier than it is right now.

That’s the end. You should try something from this list because it will almost certainly improve your studying. Sometimes if you feel demotivated, try to think about what if tomorrow I get the chance to change my life, but I don’t know something how to do and I don’t have the time to learn it after? Remember what Aristotle said: The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet. Let’s get that top grade!