How to Find Your Purpose and Passion in Life

Life sometimes seems weird.

And that’s before you try to figure out what your purpose is in life – the passion will follow once you identify your purpose.

We’re not going to get into the meaning of life here – that’s too heavy – but a life purpose (which can change over time) is do-able. Even if it seems as though there’s no real purpose in what you’re currently doing.

In no particular order (because we’re all different), these things can help you to identify your life purpose.

Even if you don’t manage to precisely nail it to start with – it took me ages and I still have questions that I ask myself – that doesn’t matter because even a glimpse of your purpose will help you to move your life and passion towards it.

If you’ve got any heroes that you admire, identifying them can be a good start.

It doesn’t matter whether they’re alive or dead.

It doesn’t actually matter whether they’re real or imaginary.

What matters is that you admire them in some way.

Take the time to identify what it is that you admire.

Sometimes that’s not easy – some people just seem to have a “presence” when they walk into a room or appear on your screen.

But brainstorm with yourself what it is that you like about them.

Keeping in mind that if it’s an actor, they often spend hours rehearsing even the most casual comments and (as you’ll quickly find out if you see them being interviewed) they’re rarely as self-assured in real life.

Next, take the time to go with your instincts more often.

Our first instincts – before our conscious mind has had a chance to analyse them – are often the best ones.

Notice what you feel at first on any new situation.

Do the same with anywhere that’s familiar – ask yourself what your instincts are about the places you frequent most often.

We’re drawn to people and places, so anywhere regular is significant in your purpose. Or you’re just there out of habit.

Either way, ask yourself about it.

That’s maybe more important with the things you do regularly because it’s easy to get in a rut.

And getting out of your rut is part of the fun of finding your purpose in life.

You don’t have to wait until a mid-life crisis rears its head.

Pre-empt that and ask yourself questions.

Then it’s time to put your thinking cap on.

There will be places and times in your life when you just seem to be an observer. An almost out-of-body experience, even if your eyes are wide open.

Other times you’ll be immersed in the experience. Time flies when those experiences happen and hours will often seem like minutes.

The times when you’re totally engrossed in an activity or experience are telling.

And they’re pointing you towards finding your purpose and passion.

Take some time out to identify these times. Maybe keep a journal so that you can look back and figure things out better.

And if there’s something you’re currently doing that you’d do even if you weren’t paid for it – you may be devoting time to your church or a charity already but this can also apply to paid work – that’s also an excellent pointer for finding your purpose.

Again, be more present when things are happening.

Notice the signals you’re getting – some large, some small, but they’re there.

Finally, to help your subconscious mind help you, strongly consider listening to a hypnosis track to help find your purpose in life.

They’re designed to work with those thoughts that aren’t making themselves known.

We all have lots of thoughts all the time and a hypnosis track will help uncover them and point you in the right direction.

Click this link, download the track and listen to it to find your purpose and passion in life quicker.