Dr Robi Ludwig – What Does She Do?

Known as perhaps one of the more familiar faces on CNN, Dr Robi Ludwig is a jack of many trades and has used her expansive know how to help a multitude of people. She started her career in front of the camera in 1997 and during that period to date she has featured on numerous shows that include One Week to Save Your Marriage and Without Prejudice where her expertise came in handy in making the shows a success. She is also a regular on CNN and Fox News channel where in a number of occasions she talks about lifestyle issues as well as matters related to her career.

She is well trained and experienced in psychoanalytical psychotherapy and has worked with couples and adults alike to help maximize their potential and ability to make the most out of their lives and also assists them to grow emotionally. In a field that does not have many professionals, she has played an integral role in the lives of many and making sure that they are able to achieve their goals in life and have a great and fruitful marriage. Among some of the issues that one can pay the good doctor a visit include transitional complications, relationship and addiction problems as well as thought and character disorders among others.

With an experience spanning over 15 since her graduation in 1990, she is easily among the most qualified persons in this field and there is no doubt about her capabilities.

Another one of her many caps in her endless list of qualifications include a book author which she earned in 2006 when her book which she co-authored with Matt Birkbeck was released. The book ‘Till Death Do Us Part: Love, Marriage and the Mind of the Killer Spouse enjoyed and continues to enjoy massive support thanks to her insight and knowledge in the field.

In the 1990s, Dr. Rubi worked as a reporter (psychology) for WETM-TV. Around the same time, she was also part of a team that wrote and produced a real talk show in which she was also the host. This show was used as a toll to cover self-help and psychological topics. Viewers would call in and state their case and they would get help for their issues.

Her career started out in 1988 and back then, before she graduated, she attended to a variety of patients many of whom suffered from severe mental disorders, substance abuse, identity crisis among a hoard of other complications in which she worked diligently to ensure that her patients made a complete turn around and had more productive life.

Over the years, her principles, values and hard work have not changed and this is what can be attributed to her success which seems to be tantamount to her personality and drive. Currently, aside from her numerous consulting gigs that include consulting for CNN and a number of other major media houses, she also runs her own private practice which is very successful and still manages to keep her love for writing and making the community close to her. It is also worth mentioning that despite being in a high stress field and for a long time, she has not forgotten to take care of herself and maintain quite an impressive image.