Discovering the Path to Awakening

A New Age

Humanity is in a process of awakening that has been a long time coming. Everywhere we go, and everything we do, is changing around us.

There are two ways each individual may react to this great period of transition. Just as there are two mindsets to choose from, and there are similar dual paths that can be followed by each person.

These paths are not set in stone, but they are very different. There is no place to simply walk alongside one or the other, or somewhere in the middle.

Each choice is only to be experienced one at a time. However, it is possible to build bridges between the two in order to travel back and forth. Sometimes we may even traverse from one path to the other without even meaning to.

Other times, it may require significant mental effort to travel back to the one we want to be on. An understanding of the choice we are facing at this moment is vital to empowering oneself to make a conscious decision and stick with it.

The Mindset Decision

The different methods of thinking are as follows: either have a fixed, static mind state, or live in one that emphasizes and embraces growth and evolution.

If one is not trying to consciously live the latter, they are going to find themselves in the power of the former.

There is a new quality to being that humanity is beginning to try to understand. Regardless of the subject in which this aspect is discussed – metaphysics, spirituality, self-help, or New Age, among others – the crucial element is the realization that thought determines physical reality.

Those who find themselves stuck in a fixed mindset are likely going to reject this knowledge, numerous times in fact. Many of the old institutions of the Age of Pisces absolutely refuse to accept these progressive ideas, because they fear change and adaptation.

Some organized religions and outmoded governmental systems will continue to refute the changing paradigm, until they will be abolished for their own stubbornness.

The good news is that all it takes to embrace a new way of thinking is being in the present. For it is where change can and will occur when we choose to take action.

Discovering Truth

When one adopts an open, evolving, and humble mind toward life and existence, everything changes.

Quantum mechanics tells us that matter and being is inherently uncertain. Through science and physics it has been discovered that particles exist at the molecular level in a range of possibilities.

Prior to observing and measuring these subatomic elements of nature, it is impossible to know for a fact exactly what will result. For example, a molecule could be spinning in either a clockwise or opposite direction. There is no direct way to know without measuring.

Because particles mirror the worlds they create and we live in, this is essential to understanding that the simple act of considering a thing, changes our understanding of it. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

The book and subsequent film The Secret was a worldwide phenomenon for a time, due to its practical demonstration via firsthand accounts, of the Law of Attraction as an active force in peoples’ lives.

The Law of Attraction works due to the same quantum physics I just discussed. It goes one step further than that, however.

Reaping That Which is Sown

When we observe matter, we not only force it to take shape, but we also directly project our beliefs onto it, and in turn influence what is going to be shown as a result.

Although this can occur quickly at the quantum level, at our range of scope we experience a crucial time delay element that can hinder or aid the process, depending how we think about it.

When we have thoughts and beliefs, especially very convicted ones, we retell this information to our brains over and over. Every interaction we engage in, new idea we encounter, or every time we think about ourselves, we repeat these beliefs unconsciously.

When we have a fixed mindset that is unwilling to learn, these ideas get very stuck in our heads, and no progress is made within or without. We see what we expect to, and spend our lives trying to make reality agree with this model.

However, with a growth mindset, each individual consciously makes a choice to accept or reject certain beliefs, and adopt those most fitting.

If practiced consistently, beliefs of what we want to occur within ourselves, will become ideas that reflect in our external world.

The challenge here is the time delay aspect. Because of this, it can be quite simple to slip back into old patterns of thinking, even after dedicatedly deciding to change the mindset for the positive.

Making the Choice

Attempting to change and better one’s life is not a decision that is made once, or even two or three times.

Committing to a path of growth and evolution is the hardest thing to do when one has been living entirely on a path of stagnation and underdevelopment.

Building that first bridge to the other side requires effort and strength. Because of the time delay, after this first one is constructed, another is soon to follow, leading back to familiar and comfortable, unchallenging territory.

This second bridge is travelled back without even a realization, or hesitation, in taking it. Remembering and re-deciding to build those subsequent bridges back to the path of the living is going to be a constant struggle for some period of time. It is unavoidable.

However, with the right attitude and dedication to truly believing something new, at some point in the journey, crossing back doesn’t happen so easily. Staying on the right path happens for longer periods and at quicker intervals after reverting back accidentally.

We can choose the thoughts that become habits, the habits that become actions, and the actions that will in turn become beliefs.

Choosing to awaken is something everyone has to do in their own time. There will be those that don’t catch on quick enough, and will have to give it another go the next time around.

But making the positive, emboldened choice now will become easier than ever by tapping into the rest of the awakening energy traveling through existence right now.

The present is always here for us to learn and engage with. It is our greatest gift as humans, and hopefully will be treated as such in the future.