Curing Phobias with the NLP Rewind Technique

The NLP rewind technique is a disarmingly simple way of ridding yourself of fears and phobias, often in as little as 10 minutes.

It sounds too good to be true and most people’s first instincts – mine included – are “what’s the catch”.

But having used the NLP phobia cure (also known as the Rewind Technique) on other people and seen it used in a seminar on literally hundreds of people, I know for certain that it works.

Even if you don’t believe it will!

The technique is best done with someone else guiding you through it.

That can either be a trusted friend who’s familiar with the process.

Or it can be a guided audio CD like this one.

The process is simple:

  • Start by relaxing – that’s always a good place to begin. Take a few deep breaths and let yourself calm down.
  • If you’re not already sitting down, do so now.
  • Imagine you’re sitting in a cinema or movie theatre.
  • On the screen, a movie is about to start – and it will be starring you! But you’re watching the movie as well as starring in it
  • Now begin to think of a time when you experienced the fear or phobia. Don’t make it a vivid memory and if the thought’s are too much, you can generalise. Paul McKenna speaks about someone who had a fear of spiders and couldn’t even say the word “spider” so they put the letters in various places and that still worked.
  • Visualise being on screen, after you’ve come out of the worrying event OK (maybe slightly shaken, but definitely fine)
  • Then, the auditorium lights go down and the move starts playing…
  • Except it’s not going forwards in time, it’s going backwards in time, back to before the event happened.
  • You’re going to be playing this movie in your head several times over – it’s enough to get a sense of what’s happening, don’t expect vivid detail. Maybe you can hear the voices and sounds in the movie but – of course – they’re going backwards as well.
  • Once the movie has finished, you might hear the projectionist rewinding the film or pressing a couple of controls if you’re in a new cinema with digital projectors.
  • The next time you play the movie, it’s a double speed. And instead of being in colour, it’s faded to black and white. And this time, instead of the backwards sounds, play some circus music over the replay. If you want, play that music out loud using a clip like this one so that it drowns out any sounds you might still remember.
  • Do that a few more times, speeding up the replay and fading the image. Imagine that instead of it being a giant screen in front of you, it’s about the size of an old black and white television screen and you can barely make out the images on it.
  • The exact number of replays doesn’t matter too much – you’ll just get a sense of them being less and less worrying.
  • When you’ve done that – and only if you want to – imagine the projectionist bringing down the film canister or hard drive, putting it on the stage below the screen and (if it’s film) setting light to it or (if it’s a hard drive) smashing it with a sledge hammer.
  • Then allow yourself to come back to the here and now.

Congratulations – you’ve done it – you’ve rewound the event that caused the fear or phobia.

And – weirdly – you’ve got rid of it forever.

Because, behind the scenes, the NLP rewind technique actually erases the neural pathways in your mind and causes you to re-assess the situation afresh the next time it happens, creating a new response based on your years of experience in life.

If you’d like to be guided though the technique by a professional, check out this offer.

Annoyingly, the CD gets posted to you rather than being sent to a download. But it’s only a few days before it arrives and then you can play it as often as you need.