The Best Ways to Learn a Foreign Language

People have different language-learning abilities. Some of them learn faster, others need more time to process foreign grammar, vocabulary and accent. We’d like to acquaint you with some tested techniques. Choose the best one for you!

1. Learning language in a foreign language school

It’s the best choice for people who like working in a group. Group classes are all about learning with a tutor, team work and studying a textbook. Do some reaserch to help you find find the best language school near you.

2. E-learning

There are many websites where you can learn languages all by yourself. If you are strongly self-motivated, well organized, and particularly if you’d like to save the money, e-learning is perfect for you.

3. Travelling or living and working abroad

If you’re a go-getter, like discovering new places, trying other foods and want to broaden your horizons, this option may be perfect for you. You can go for a long trip with your friends or try to live and work in your dream country. Think about it as an adventure, during which you can meet lots of incredible new people and improve your language skills. There is no better way to learn than speaking with the locals and native speakers 24/7.

Travelling abroad
4. Reading/watching/listening in a foreign language

If you already know enough of the language you want to learn to try to read books, blogs and newspapers—good for you! That’s a great way to familiarize yourself with the way that language is actually spoken. Also, try watching movies without the subtitles in your native language. Another great idea is to listen to music. If you can’t quite make out everything being said/sung, check out the translation on a reliable and trustworthy website. I personally recommend:

Reading in a foreign language
5. Find a language buddy

Find a language forum and search for a native speaker from the country whose language you’d like to learn. You can swap skills and teach him or her your language as “payment”. Your converations could be conducted on skype, or you could chat or send emails.
Good luck!
Language buddy