How to Beat Winter Depression

Winter is that time of the year when you start feeling like the nights are never ending. During this time, staying indoors often seems desirable unless there is something urgent that is taking you out of the house.

If not checked out in time this might lead to winter depression.

What makes it very hard to deal with is that very people are comfortable enough to discuss it. If you are experiencing this problem, the best way to overcome it is to first acknowledge that it exists and learn how best to overcome it.

Although you need to talk to your doctor if the depression persists, there are several things that you can do to beat winter depression.

What to do during winter:

  • Exercise – even though it is hard to brave the cold and go to the gym, exercise is very effective in overcoming winter depression. It will boost your feelings, boost your drained energy and help you to think positively. Get out and push depression at bay.
  • Reexamine and keep your resolutions – whatever resolutions and goals you have, this is the time to keep them. Remember, when you stay on track with them, you will feel a sense of having accomplished something and this will motivate you to remain positive. Remember, healthy behaviors will keep you from getting depressed.
  • Get out of the house more – getting out of the house for that early morning sunlight will help invigorate you, even if the sun is just peeping through the clouds. When you expose yourself to morning light, you are likely to start the day more energized. Try it to see amazing results.
  • Give yourself a treat – money might be an issue but treating yourself to some exotic outing will definitely improve your mood. It does not need to involve a huge spending, but just a little indulgement.

Winter depression imageWhat to avoid during the winter:

  • Avoid being a hermit – isolating yourself socially will just make you more depressed. Take this time to try to catch up with old and new friends. Don’t ignore close family members – they can often help at times like this.
  • Avoid staying in darkness – darkness will just making your life duller. Ensure that your room has adequate natural light if not create some yourself and you will see the wonderful results. If you don’t have enough natural daylight or the days just seem too short, a sun lamp is an ideal alternative.
  • Don’t oversleep – spending the whole day in bed will just make you sicker. You will also feel guilty and depressed thereby making your life more dull and sad.
  • Do not take too much caffeine – taking too much cola and caffeine will increase the level of insulin in your body and drop down your blood sugar. This will leave you more fatigued and depressed.

There you have it – some of the tips about how to beat winter depression. However, if the symptoms are unrelenting you should not feel ashamed about talking to your doctor. They will definitely walk you through some of best options. Remember the key to all these is to remain positive and you will easily conquer winter depression.