How To Apply The Law of Attraction To Create the Life You Want For Yourself

The law of attraction is the cause of everything you experience. It’s a very simple concept when broken down. It basically means that you will get whatever you focus your mind on.

In other words, whatever you consistently think about and feel will happen irrespective of whether the result is good or bad for you. Below is a comprehensive look at how to apply the law of attraction.

Understand Your Feelings and if need be, Make Corrections

  • Your feelings are the Global Positioning System (GPS) as far as the creation is concerned.
  • Feeling bad implies that you are drifting away from what you want and feeling good implies that you are moving towards what you want.
  • When you are feeling bad, your GPS is telling you that you aren’t focusing on what you desire, but on the absence or lack of it.
  • To avoid this, gain renewed focus on what it is that you want, and do that until you feel good.
  • Why do you want whatever you want? Why does it make you feel so good, and what will the outcome give you? Think about that.

Don’t Get Too Attached to the Results

  • When you set a goal, you obviously focus on the end result. When you frequently go off-track, is that you don’t allow yourself to feel good until you reach that end result.
  • And to make the matters worse, you get totally frustrated and disappointed when you don’t get the outcome, or don’t get it soon enough.
  • Obviously, that defeats the whole purpose of setting the goals; the moment you feel bad, you kind of cancel out your order and begin focusing on the absence of what you desire. That is certainly not going to get you what you want.
  • To avoid this, go for what you want, but let go of your attachment to it. Only focus on the process at hand and the steps you have to take now.
  • Trust, know and be patient; in case you have placed your order and you feel good just thinking about it, you should trust the result to come too.
  • You can’t simply put a time frame on it, but the idea is, the better you feel, the sooner it will come.

Appreciate Your Current Position

  • This somehow links with the second point. In order to feel good, you must appreciate what you have already, even when you are striving for more.
  • In case you are not happy with the state you are in presently, thinking about what you could have will not make you feel good at all. This will only make you feel worse about yourself.
  • By all means, appreciate yourself, your environment, your circumstances and everything that defines you.
  • If you then decide to go for more, you won’t hang up on not having it yet, rather, you’ll be happy expecting it.
  • You can trust the Law of Attraction to bring the outcomes to you, the same way you can trust that day follows night.

Do Not Talk About it Too Much

  • Talking about how you are making efforts to change your life using the Law of Attraction could attract views different yours.
  • People may try to dispirit you, make you feel silly, or challenge you with opinions to divert your attention from what’s working and what isn’t.
  • Guard the secret to your happiness. Remember that it isn’t your job to try to change the mind of others or even their lives. Rather, your job is to change your mind as well as your life.
  • The perfect way to help others is to lead by example and not by discussion.

In conclusion, this concept is very simple – so simple that you may claim that it can’t be that simple. And this is where you, just like many other people often go off-track. You are not doing anything wrong, you are simply making a though mistake. Start applying the above mention principles and you will gradually, but surely begin to see the results.

If you’d like more help applying the law of attraction, check out this free law of attraction video.