6 Ways to Use Your Time More Efficiently

Time management is considered the most important skills of a modern business person. By effectively managing time, we increase personal productivity, achieve our goals and become true masters of our lives.

By recognizing the weaknesses brought by lack of effective time management, will help one to grow and design more productive time strategies. This article offers some ways to use your time more efficiently.


time managementFor an efficient work schedule, it is best to carry out daily work in a standard manner. That way you can create time for important events and the right preparation will help control the ongoing projects. The more efficient your schedule is, the easier it is to respond to unexpected issues when they arise.

By preparing a list of activities to be done first prevents stress and disappointments. Having a list of planned activities will help in knowing where the day starts and identify the main tasks that need to be completed.

People get efficient from being organized and avoid time wastage by looking for things such as, Keys or pens.

Set deadlines

By starting with solving of priority tasks and doing everything sequentially, so that you avoid time wastage and be able to spread work over long periods, you must set deadlines close enough in time to create a sense of urgency. In this way you force ourselves to work and optimize on time.

Therefore, it is key to starts with tasks that will bring the best benefit and results. This can be solved divided all tasks into four groups for better understanding.

Urgent and important;Key but not crucial;Crucial but not Key;Not crucial and not important.

If your deadline is set in the future, bringing the task closer will determine the intermediate steps that need to go through to accomplish the goal. Then set a cut-off date for activity in the queue. This exercise will allow in making the final deadline to be closer.


Many people jump into the art of multitasking. This often leads to the opposite of the desired result, because in the end most people are less efficient and the standard of their work suffers. Delegation of time help in focusing on one project at a time and deliver faster and better results.

Delegating is the best ways to save time instantly and increase productivity. By transferring part of the work to other people, you automatically free up more time. You can delegate routine activities, which allows you to free up energy for more important things.

Ensure that stability of your life is maintained. Working to exhaustion, will cause health issues to the body.

Say NO

The most key word for planning your own time is by saying “no”. By learning to say no to activities that are not among your priorities, will help in completing your priority task first. Saying no to other tasks, the person will understands that you are not rejecting them, but the task.

You’ll get through your to-do list faster if you resist the temptation to constantly add new tasks to it. Dare to say no – you are busy enough already.

You can’t do everything, and you don’t have to keep everyone happy. Do what’s important, leaving the rest out as much as possible.

Take breaks

Get up for a few minutes from the desk, do something completely different, or go outside and have some fresh air.

Such a break is not only to stretch the body but also to disentangle the mind: you get up from an unsolvable problem and come back with a fluttering idea.


Knowing exactly what is expected avoids time wastage caused by misunderstandings between colleagues. Everyone is supposed to know what task they need to carry out, how to do carry it out, and when. There must be absolute transparency on the objectives to be achieved and the responsibilities of each.

The management of your time is central to being effective. To move forward on your projects and speed up the execution of the tasks, we must know how to make the most of every second.

Time wasted is never recovered. To avoid this, time management skills are key otherwise you will have to work harder to get the results.