5 Ways To Improve The Processing Power Of Your Brain

Whether you are already working or still in school, you’ll notice that most of your daily activities will mostly involve a lot of brain activities. Either you are doing your homework or need to make a quick decision for the upcoming meeting. Each of us will want to increase our cognitive ability to lead a less stressful life. So, how do we improve our brain power?


There is no other way more crucial than this step. To increase your brain capacity to process things, you will need to do a lot of exercises. Not just some physical exercise but also mental exercise. There is a lot of mental exercise or quizzes that will help to improve your brain in terms of speed, rationality and memory focus. Some games that can be included are Sudoku, completing Rubik’s cube or word puzzle. Playing chess is also preferable but there are some debates over whether chess can improve our brain processing power. In my own opinion, I would prefer playing Tetris as it tests our quick decision-making skills.


more readingYes. Read a lot. To have the good brain processing power, you need to gain some a lot of information first. This can be done by reading. Not just any books, but more to factual and informational books. There’s no use in reading a lot of books if the books you are reading are more to gossips and entertainment. Reading a lot of informational books or articles helps you to articulate a lot of words and sustain your brain memory ability. For starters, try to read at least a book per month. Then try to close the gap of reading books to at least a book per week.

Sleep Well

I can’t stress this enough. To develop a great cognitive ability, you will need to sleep well. You can’t think efficiently if you are sleep-deprived. It will worsen your brain’s ability. Facts showed that not having enough rest is not good for mental health. Try to take around 7 hours of sleep per day for adults. After you replenish your energy, your brain will have the energy to operate optimally.

Healthy diet

A healthy diet is also important as it will provide more energy and replenish your brain if consumed healthily. Stop taking midnight snacks or too many sweets. Firstly, those are not good for your health and it certainly won’t help you to improve your brain processing power. A healthy diet will help you to feel more energetic as well as provide more nutrients for your brain.


Nootropics are considered as the supplement to help boost your brain ability. It helps to achieve your attention ability, memory capacity, and reasoning skills. However, just by merely taking these supplements won’t do. You will still need to do all of the steps above if you want to gain greater brain processing skills. Some of the nootropics are considered below.

  • Bacopa Monnieri
  • L-theanine
  • Racetams
  • Artichoke extract
  • Ginseng

Those are some of the steps that I have taken all these years. Trust me. It does work, you don’t need some magic or some revelations to be smarter or get more power from your brain. the key is to do all of the things above and always be consistent. It will help you in the long run.