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Are Subliminal Messages Real? Or Are They Just a Placebo? And Should You Care?

There’s a lot of comments around saying that subliminal messages aren’t real and that anything you get from them is just a placebo effect.

Derren Brown even went as far as giving participants in one of his shows a “subliminal” recording that was just the backing track – no messages whatsoever.

To my mind, it doesn’t actually matter whether subliminal messages work in theory or not. The proof is whether they work in real life.

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How To Make Big Life Changing Decisions

Making serious decisions (for example, how you are going to work for the rest of your life) is a very difficult problem for many people. They come to me and say: “I need to decide what to do for the rest of my life!”

To begin, I ask: “What do you want to do tomorrow?” People always look at me with an absent look and say: “Well, tomorrow I have to go to work …” I interrupt: “I didn’t ask about that. I asked, what are you going to do tomorrow? Even if you only have an hour between one job and another, what are you going to do in your free time? If you can’t plan how to be happy for an hour, then how are you going to plan it for the rest of your life? ”

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How to Stop Being Scared as a Passenger in a Car

While driving and being in a car is a regular activity for most of us, some people find it difficult to keep their calm when in passenger seat of the car. If you’re one of them, being driven somewhere by your family member or a friend can be an unnerving experience.

In purely psychological terms, this passenger nervousness or fear is given the name of maxophobia’. You might feel this strange fear every time you’re in the car as a passenger, regardless of whether the person in charge of the steering is a good driver or not.

Now that cars are an object of daily use, for getting to work or just driving to the grocery store, you might have to confront this unusual fear every other day if not worse. Focusing on what’s going on inside the vehicle becomes a tough job in such circumstances.

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How To Do A Digital Detox and Get Your Life Back

If you’re using your phone to read this article, then you most likely need a digital detox. These days it’s as if our smartphones, PCs, and TVs rule us rather than the other way round.

If reaching for your phone (unless it’s acting as your alarm clock) is the first thing on your mind every morning, you need a digital detox. If surfing on your smartphone is the last thing you do at night before you close your eyes, you need a digital detox. If the idea of spending thirty minutes of your waking hours in a day without needing to reach for your phone is unthinkable, then you most definitely need a digital detox.

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Home Remedies for Sleep Talking

Do you talk to someone about your father in a dream? Nearly half of all infants and 5 per cent of adults speak regularly in a dream.

Most people only speak talk for a few seconds a night, but some can keep all their conversations. Some words may be difficult to understand, others may cry. People do not remember sleeping at night.

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6 Easy Ways To Feel Less Busy

Can being too busy make you more productive? No.

Being too busy doesn’t mean you will be more productive and effective. In fact, it often reduces your overall potential.

Being less busy can actually make you more productive and also help you in achieving your goals and dreams.

Here are some quick tips to being less busy yet more productive:

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Do not Lose the Thread: Keep Your Momentum Going!

We have just one life and we all are here to live it once, right?

Then why don’t we start living it for real, start living it for a good cause, start living it for a good reason?

Why can’t we have a goal to achieve and why can’t we have a momentum to maintain?

I remember reading somewhere that good people come in our life, stay like good books that have plenty of advice to offer and often leave us in the middle of the life to make us follow that advice on a serious note.

We all have a momentum to achieve, but are enough serious about it?

Let take a look at some ways to keep your momentum going.

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How to Stop Blushing When Public Speaking

Stage fright is a legit concern for lots of people. If you are one of these people than you absolutely dread any situation when all the attention in the room is on you.

Whether it is conducting a presentation or making a speech, your nervousness will cause adrenaline to flow, which will result in a blood rush to your face otherwise known in layman’s terms as blushing.

Although it is not the end of the world, it can often divert your audience’s attention away from the topic of discussion.

Controlling blushing is strictly a mental process (even if it doesn’t seem that way) with a mixture of preparation.

Here are several tips to stop blushing when public speaking or to cope with your nervousness of public speaking which causes blushing.

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7 Simple Tips on How to Stop Laughing for No Reason

Laughing is a great way to release the harmful stress that comes with day-to-day life. It’s nice when done at the right times. But imagine how weird you’d look when you’re walking in the street and bam! You burst out laughing. Or in class, in the middle of a lesson, the giggles unexpectedly show up. The glares you’ll get will be enough to make you wish you’d disappear.

But what if you can’t help it?

You really wish you could but the habit seems to have the final say every time. The good news is, you can control it and dictate when it should happen. Sounds impossible? Well, here are some simple tips that will help you regain control and laugh only when necessary:

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How to Build Your Eye Contact Confidence

Have you ever had a conversation with another person who – in the entire conversation – never looked you directly in the eyes or, if they did make eye contact, it was only for brief moments and most of the time they gazed somewhere else?

Eye contact is one of the major (and maybe even the most important) non-verbal cues for expressing confidence and the more the ability you have in making eye contact, the more you will  show how confident you are and logically it’s therefore important for everyone to have decent eye contact skills to help make sure that your conversations are done the best way possible. If you can get yourself to make good, regular, eye contact – ideally without freaking out the person you’re talking to because you’re staring at them too much – you’ll find things generally go better and more smoothly for you.

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