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What To Do If You’re Feeling Weighed Down and Tired

It’s normal to feel weighed down and tired every now and then. But when it’s your normal state, that’s definitely not a good place to be.

It could be a sign of chronic fatigue – if you think that’s a possibility, it’s well worth checking with a medical professional to check what they can do to help.

But it’s also worth doing a few other things to help get you back on track:

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Is There Really a No-BS Manifesting Technique?

Manifesting good things into your life is something we’d all like to do. But so many of the programs out there are high on hype but low on actually working.

The movie The Secret is professionally produced but just tuning your vibrations to the universe isn’t enough (shame, it sounds good doesn’t it!)

Lots of other courses are similar. And even going back almost a century, Napoleon Hill titled his book Think and Grow Rich so he was probably riding this bandwagon without knowing it.

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What to Say to Manifest Money

Manifesting money – normally using the law of attraction – is something anyone can do. Even if it appears that there’s no chance whatsoever of it happening.

As you probably know, what you focus on most is what appears in your life. The focusing can be conscious or it can come from your subconscious. Or, more likely, a mixture of both.

But if you’re constantly worrying about money and the lack of it, that’s what the universe will assume you want. And, if you look around you, that’s almost certainly what it’s delivered.

So, what can you do and say to manifest more money? Ideally sooner rather than later?

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How to Discover Your True Authentic Self

In theory, we should know our true, authentic, self automatically. But there are so many times in our modern world where we aren’t acting ourselves, it’s easy to lose touch with our true self.

Maybe it’s a quick “adjustment” to a photo we’re about to post. Maybe it’s an attempt to fit in with our friends or colleagues. Maybe you just feel like you’re always pretending to be someone else.

Whatever the reason, it’s well worth getting back in touch with the real you.

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How to Make Your Mind Focus on One Thing

Our minds are good at wandering and getting distracted. That’s probably part of our evolution – if we weren’t paying attention to the umpteen things happening around us, there would be a good chance we’re be on something else’s menu that night.

But there are times when we need to focus on just one thing. Even if it seems borderline impossible to do that – maybe when we’re working from home and there are even more distractions than there are at the office.

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How Can I Remember What I Read in a Textbook?

If you’ve ever read something and your mind has almost immediately gone blank about what it was you read, you’ll know that sinking feeling of “oh no, not again”.

Textbooks do this a lot – they’re not as compelling as novels and your mind doesn’t interact with them in the same way.

After all, a lot of textbooks get their sales because they’re on the list of books you need to buy, not because they’ve had rave reviews on Amazon.

But you still need to remember what you’ve read in them, so what can you do to make that easier?

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Does Mindfulness and Meditation Have Benefits?

There’s a lot of buzz about mindfulness and how we should be practicing it more often. It’s frequently linked with meditation because meditating is one of the best ways of doing it.

But maybe there’s a nagging doubt in the back of your mind – does it live up to the hype and are there any benefits from doing mindfulness and meditation?

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How to Find the Wealth Corner of Your Home or Office

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice and it involves harmonizing the energy sources of both yourself and the places you find yourself in, such as your home or your office.

Traditionally, it has been used to orientate buildings and the rooms within then but – unless you’re designing your home or your office from scratch – you’ll have to rely on what already exists and find the best places within that space.

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