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What Are the Different Types of Fear?

What is fear?

Fear is our defense mechanism. It activates when there are some dangers and is one of the basic primordial emotions.

How does it work?

In our brains, there is a part called the amygdala, it plays a role in decision-making, responding to emotions, and processing memory.

When something scares us, like a lion, the amygdala is activated, which prepares our body for a fight or flight situation. It triggers a variety of hormonal mechanisms that lead to the release of stress hormones, adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol.

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5 Ways To Improve The Processing Power Of Your Brain

Whether you are already working or still in school, you’ll notice that most of your daily activities will mostly involve a lot of brain activities. Either you are doing your homework or need to make a quick decision for the upcoming meeting. Each of us will want to increase our cognitive ability to lead a less stressful life. So, how do we improve our brain power?

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Colouring Books Aren’t Just For Kids

Colouring books have been popular for a long time and, unlike many passing trends, they are actually very good for our health. colouring is, in fact, an activity that relaxes the fear center of the brain and allows our mind to get its earned rest.

Even if we don’t believe that this makes us healthier many of us would still try this. It’s true, of course, that we would do it for relaxation, but it’s just an added bonus. At the end of the day, colouring is good because it’s essentially fun.

If you’re still thinking about picking crayons and getting to work, here are seven reasons to do it right now:

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5 Ways to Stop Expecting to Fail

Failure is one thing we all fear while on our individual success journeys. One thing that can make you fail when you are working hard to succeed is the mental habit of expecting failure at every junction. Your mind controls your results so you must work or your mindset to get the right results from your hard works.

Here, we will help you learn how to stop expecting to fail when working on any project.

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Why Do I Always Think The Worst Is Going To Happen?

Why do I always think the worst is going to happen? The roots of this are a natural phenomenon

This phenomenon is human nature. We tend to overthink every situation. You have probably experienced this moment where you cannot remember if you locked your front door or not. Well, this phenomenon is the same but pushed to its limits. Indeed, someone suffering from this pessimistic mindset will not think about their front door but about the burglar that is stealing the television instead. It is simply the first situation but pushed to the worst-case scenario.

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What Is a Way To Set Goals That Really Works?

Have you struggled with so much to do and with little time? Sometimes we can set enough goals, but we strive with follow-up because other things are on the way. Or at different times, the time crisis is so overwhelming that it seems even impossible to set goals.

What is a way to set goals that really works? Although I don’t have any magic answers, we have tips to share with you to help you decide which goals suit you.

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Manifesting Money From Thin Air – Is It Possible?

It has been said many times over the years that money helps make the world go round. Although many people today feel that a lot of money will not be good, it is our right to experience prosperity in our lives. The distance between looking for cash and manifesting money from thin air is often huge for most people, unfortunately. It is a good thing to mention that manifesting money from thin air can work.

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How to Become a Faster Learner – Can You Really Learn Things Quickly?

If you are slow to learn, you are often labeled as lazy or weak. However, people must understand your own needs and help you overcome your learning difficulties. After all, slow learning disabilities not only interfere with your education and personal life but also lower your self-esteem. Therefore, the people around you must help. However, here are tips on how to become a faster learner than anyone around you.

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