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How to Get Rid of Self Consciousness

Being self conscious is something we all do at times. Maybe we’re not comfortable in certain situations, maybe the surroundings are a bit unfamiliar, maybe there’s just too many strong personalities in the room so we prefer to hide in our shell.

Whatever the reason, being self-conscious is rarely the best thing you can do.

So what can you do to boost your confidence and stop being so self conscious?

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How to Come Up With Innovative Ideas to Solve a Problem

Ideas are everywhere but sometimes it seems they’re not in our own head, just everyone else’s.

Innovative ideas – sometimes also called lateral thinking or thinking outside the box or blue sky thinking – are great if you can come up with them as they can open up ways that you never thought possible.

But how can you come up with these fantastic ideas to solve that problem that’s been bugging you for longer than you care to admit?

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How to Retrain Your Brain to Think Positively

Thinking positively is a skill most of us have to work on. We seem to find it easy to think negatively but when the time comes to be more positive, we go to pieces and reckon it’s too hard.

Like every other skill, it takes practice to retrain your brain (because that really is what you’re doing) to think more positive thoughts.

So let’s put together an action plan and help make the world a more positive place, one person at a time.

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How to Relax When You’re Stressed About Money

Money seems to have an almost unique ability to stress us out. Probably because the phrase “money makes the world go round” is so true.

Unless you’re living the life of a complete hermit, you need money. It buys a roof over your head, food to eat and the other things that Abraham Maslow identified in his hierarchy of needs.

Money also buys us our luxuries – whether it’s the small luxuries like a bar of chocolate or bigger luxuries like that shiny new phone or a meal out or a holiday.

It’s everywhere. Which is why we get stressed about money.

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How to Make a Better Future for Yourself

Unless you’re a seer like Nostradamus then you don’t know what’s going to happen in the future. Sure, we have a pretty good idea what’s going to happen to us in the upcoming minutes or hours – more of the same is the most likely outcome – but we never know for certain. Things happen unexpectedly.

But that’s not something we can control.

What we can control is the most likely things – and we can influence those and make a better future for ourselves in the process.

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7 Tips On How To Get Rid Of Nerves Before A Job Interview

You’ve been carefully preparing your CV, writing motivational letters and applying for jobs, and it finally happened – you’ve been invited for a job interview! At first you were happy, but as the big day is approaching, you’re getting more and more nervous. Your self-esteem is lowering, your hands start sweating when you only think about the interview and you’re starting to feel like you’ll never get that job. Don’t worry! With our 7 tips, you’ll go to your interview calm and focused.

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How to Develop Whole Brain Thinking?

Have you ever thought why is it that you are really good at something, for instance maths, but really bad at sports? Or maybe why is it that someone can be a genius at school but when it comes to socialize and make friends this person gets frozen? Perhaps you have heard about the theory of multiple intelligences and how it expands the possible abilities and talents a person can possess.

According to De Boer (2015), “when whole brain thinking is activated multiple intelligence can be nourished”. But, what are we talking about when we refer to “Whole Brain Thinking”? As showed in the forementioned examples, the human being tends to prefer different ways of thinking and consequently, he/she tends to strengthen distinct skills. Here is where whole brain thinking appears to help people take advantage of the full available thinking.

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How to Deal With a Loss of Status

Loss of status is a big change and it can have negative effects on our physical and mental health. It can be caused because of retirement, a career change or losing a job in another way. Either way, it is hard since it is a circumstance that derives from the outside factors and usually, there is not much we can do about it. However, it is important that we try to keep our mood up and maintain our health in these difficult times. It is definitely going to be better than letting ourselves go. Here are some tips and ideas on how to deal with a loss of status.

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How to Think Outside the Box in Life

Many people talk about “thinking outside the box,” but has anyone ever tought you how to think outside the box in real life? Those who are comfortable with this type of critical thinking about how they can do it and those who do not know how to ask for their education. These kinds of reflections may be evidence of saving our world from destruction, so the more people who can use this new type of thinking, the better.

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