Using Hypnosis for Studying and Exams

Studying and exams are a time of increased stress for most people.

Most exams are necessary – there aren’t many people who’d willingly submit to the exam process if they weren’t.

It figures that we need to have enough knowledge to be able to pass the exam – ideally at the first time of taking it.

Which means that studying becomes necessary.

There are lots of different study techniques available to us and their effectiveness varies from person to person.

Some people seem to be able to just “cram” the night before an exam although I suspect that unless they’ve got a photographic memory there’s actually rather more to the process.

pass that examBut even if that was possible, there’s still the need for studying in order to get the basic idea of the subject.

After all, when we’re born the only things we instinctively know how to do are breathe, eat and make a noise when we want attention.

Everything else, we have to learn.

Whether that’s using formal studying or whether it’s learning by experience such as crawling and then eventually walking.

Chances are, your school or college won’t mention using hypnosis as a method to improve your studying and your chances of success in exams.

That’s partly because hypnosis still isn’t really considered a mainstream option for that.

Most of your teachers and lecturers won’t have used it but it is gradually becoming more accepted as method to enhance your studying.

Which is a good thing because hypnosis is remarkably effective with both studying a subject and taking an examination in it.

A lot of the studying side of things comes down to memory. Some subjects may bring in practical experience as well – you’d be hard pressed to learn how to swim or drive a car just from reading books or watching YouTube videos.

Our memory isn’t always as organised as we’d like.

Things get scattered around our minds and filed in a system that makes a teenager’s room look tidy.

It’s actually quite remarkable that we remember anything at all.

Especially since we file different things differently – we’ve got short term memory areas as well as longer term memory stores.

The things you study at school and college – and even later in life when you’re progressing at work or changing jobs – fall somewhere between short and long term memory.

Our short term memory is used for things that are of passing importance. Technically it should be called working memory but I’ve not met anyone in real life who calls it that. But regardless of the name we use, it’s basically things we hold for a relatively short amount of time.

What you just ate for lunch, where you were yesterday, that kind of thing.

Long term memory stores all the various memories you’ve got.

But exams tend to be somewhere between those two durations.

Think of some of the subjects you took at school – history, geography, science – and ask yourself how much you can remember about them.

Lesson whiteboardChances are that you remember more about the teachers than what they actually taught you.

But at the time it seemed important.

And – unless you dropped that subject – you almost certainly remembered enough about the subjects to be able to pass the exam that happened with monotonous regularity.

So where does hypnosis fit into this process?

At a simplistic level, hypnosis works with your subconscious mind.

That’s the part that does most of the day to day running of your mind and body.

Including where your memories are stored and accessing them at the appropriate time.

You might have seen some television programs where hypnosis is used to help access memories – that’s a lot closer to fact than fiction. And it’s time to use the same processes to help yourself.

The best way to use hypnosis for studying and exams is with a self hypnosis track.

It’s cheaper than visiting a local hypnotist, more immediate (you just download it and press play) and you can listen to the track more than once.

What happens on each listening will vary but that’s because your mind is in a different place each time you listen.

But regardless of that, the hypnosis track will help your mind to store the information you’re studying and, probably more importantly, find it again when you need it.

Not hours later like those ideas that pop into your head at the most inconvenient times. That’s our regular memory processes trying to be helpful but not quite succeeding.

Another place that hypnosis comes in handy is for those nasty things called exam nerves.

It’s normal to get nervous before big events and exams definitely count as those.

Hypnosis generally helps you to relax – most hypnosis sessions will take you into a deeply relaxed state.

Whilst you can’t take that trance-like state into the exam because you’d likely look something like a zombie, you can definitely use hypnosis to tame your exam nerves.

Hypnosis can be very effective at getting those seemingly ever-present exam nerves to at least reduce themselves.

If you’d like to download a hypnosis track to help you pass that exam, click this link.