Overcoming Your Fear of Being Rejected by Society

Being rejected has always been a problem for humans.

Early on in our evolution, rejection would have been absolute. Being thrown out of the safety of the village and being left to fend for yourself.

But even though nowadays the consequences are rarely as drastic as that, the fear lives on.

It can manifest itself in all sorts of ways – relationships and your job for instance.

But one of the almost unspoken versions of this fear is being rejected by society.

Unless you’re an out-and-out freak, it’s unlikely that the whole of society will reject you.

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How to Remember What You Read Without Taking Notes

There are lots of times when it’s just not practical to take notes to help you remember what you read.

After all, it would be weird if you took out a notepad every time you visited Huffington Post or Forbes or Facebook.

But when you’re chatting with someone later that day or later in the week, it’s awkward when the things you read that seemed so interesting at the time just escape your memory.

That’s not an unusual situation and it’s not limited to our senior years.

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How to Train Your Brain to Think Outside the Box

We’re taught at school to think inside the box. If you do anything weird, your teachers will politely bring you back on track and box in your thinking.

Questions are often taught as only having one right answer, even though that’s not the case.

For instance, when I was at school scientists were only just discovering that continents drifted so we weren’t taught that concept.

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How to Find Your Purpose and Passion in Life

Life sometimes seems weird.

And that’s before you try to figure out what your purpose is in life – the passion will follow once you identify your purpose.

We’re not going to get into the meaning of life here – that’s too heavy – but a life purpose (which can change over time) is do-able. Even if it seems as though there’s no real purpose in what you’re currently doing.

In no particular order (because we’re all different), these things can help you to identify your life purpose.

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Using Hypnosis for Studying and Exams

Studying and exams are a time of increased stress for most people.

Most exams are necessary – there aren’t many people who’d willingly submit to the exam process if they weren’t.

It figures that we need to have enough knowledge to be able to pass the exam – ideally at the first time of taking it.

Which means that studying becomes necessary.

There are lots of different study techniques available to us and their effectiveness varies from person to person.

Some people seem to be able to just “cram” the night before an exam although I suspect that unless they’ve got a photographic memory there’s actually rather more to the process.

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How to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight

You know how it is:

You’ve just started your new diet.

You’ve read the book or the blog.

Been inspired by the weight loss figures you’ve seen.

And you’ve decided you’re really going to do it this time.

The only snag is, at the back of your mind there’s this nagging doubt.

The one that tells you that you’ve been there, done that, had to buy the new (bigger) T-shirt when the weight loss promises didn’t work out.

But you’re telling yourself this time it really is going to be different.

The days of yo-yo dieting are over.

This time, when you shed those unwanted pounds, they’re going to stay shed and the new smaller clothes you buy will continue to fit you, rather than taunt you from the wardrobe.

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How to Find Out Your Limiting Beliefs and Change Them Fast!

Even the most successful people have limiting beliefs in some areas of their lives.

So don’t beat yourself up if you have doubts about yourself from time to time – or even near enough all the time.

Instead, take a few minutes to find out and identify the beliefs that are holding you back.

Then swap those limiting beliefs for ones that are more constructive.

Quite often, our limiting beliefs masquerade as truths.

So if you’ve ever said “I can’t do that”, that’s a limiting belief.

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What are the Benefits of Personal Development Planning for Individuals?

Whilst it can be fun to go with the flow and just see where life takes you, there are other times when it’s much better to have some structure.

That applies to your personal development planning as much as it does to other areas of your life.

Like most things, it’s easy to become a perpetual student in personal development. There are always so many new things to try out, so many directions to go in.

And all of them seem to promise that they’re the solution.

Once you visit a few sites, you’ll start to get ads related to personal development. They’ll show up in your Facebook feed, maybe on YouTube (depending on whether you’ve got fed up with the forced 5 second ads and installed an ad blocker) and quite likely a flood of messages in your inbox.

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How to Get Things Off Your Mind

If your mind is racing, chances are that it’s full of things that (in reality) don’t much matter. All sorts of what-ifs and those thoughts that fortunately almost never come to fruition. If they did, we’d be living in something far too close to our own personal horror movie.

So how can you get things off your mind without seeming to be uncaring and detached to those around you?

The first thing is not to get too hung up on any specific technique. Because our minds are often all over the place, different techniques will work with different effectiveness on different days and different people.

I like to have a library of techniques to use to get things off my mind depending on my mood on any given day and my suspicion is that (over time) you will too.

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