How to Increase Brain Power and Concentration

Our brains have evolved over the years to help us as a species. Whilst we’re not all equal when it comes to brain power there are quite a few things you can do to increase your brain power.

Collectively our concentration and attention spans have dropped in recent years. If you can get them to lift their face away from their phone, ask anyone you know.

Brain power and concentration are linked – often our most serious thinking comes when we’re concentrating hard enough to make our brain ache.

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Getting the Benefits of Meditation in Just 10 Minutes a Day

We often think that meditation takes a long time. And if you’re the kind of person who needs to have everything in precisely the right place – whatever you’re going to meditate on, the “space” you’re in, the ambience of the room, maybe even going to a special location – then maybe it does.

But for those times when you need to meditate but can’t take an hour out of your life, it’s worth picking up some methods that will help you get at least most of the benefits of meditation in as little as 10 minutes a day.

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Can You Really Manifest Money? Quickly?

Manifesting money is one of those things that is high up on most people’s to-do list. After all, if the law of attraction actually works then surely you must be able to use it to manifest more money into your life.

To an extent, that’s true.

After all, every single piece of money in existence has been manifested. It doesn’t grow on trees (so that story from your youth is true) or, at least, it may once have grown on trees but those trees have been processed and turned into the bank notes we trust.

But, unless you’re a government or a forger, you can’t just print your own money and hope to get away with it.

So how can you legally manifest more money?

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How to Manifest Your Desires Quickly

The universe likes speed so manifesting our desires fast is a good idea. Just recently, I was chatting to someone about how fast the Earth is spinning and the answer shocked me:

  • Our planet itself is spinning at about 1,000 miles an hour
  • We’re going round the sun at about 66,000 miles an hour
  • Our galaxy is spinning at around 43,000 miles an hour
  • We’re orbiting our galaxy at around 483,000 miles an hour

So the universe definitely likes speed.

And, since manifesting our desires is linked to everything else happening in the universe, it follows that they like speed as well.

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Creating a Personal Development Plan That Works

Like most things in life, personal development works better if you’ve got a plan rather than just muddling through and hoping everything will be OK.

Whether this is the first time that you’ve created a plan or the umpteenth one, the process is the same.

Start by figuring out what you want to achieve. This is often called a goal but if you’ve got a different word you’re happy with using, go with that.

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How to Unlock 100 percent of Your Brain

Einstein was a normal human just like rest of us. But he knew the secrets to unlock the full potential of his brain.

An American university in mid 90’s did some research on human brain and tracked its activity through EEG. Two groups of the same age were given two separate tasks. One group was told to draw a masterpiece and the other group was simply told to doodle anything.

After they were finished the test results showed the same brain activity and energy consumption was recorded during the activity of both groups.

Isn’t that surprising?

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How to Optimise Your Brain Performance

If your brain seems foggier than you’d like it to be, maybe it’s time to optimise it.

You do it with your car, your computer (some optimisation happens in the background with that), probably quite a few other things in your life.

So why not optimise your brain?

OK, you can’t just go to Google and download a software patch for your brain.

Or at least not yet…

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How to Lift Your Mood When You Feel Down

We all feel down from time to time – even the most bubbly people. In fact, sometimes it’s those people who feel down more often. That happens with comedians a lot.

There are various ways to lift your mood, including prescription drugs if you and your doctor deem them really necessary.

But before you get to the stage of popping pills, try one or more of these simple ideas.

And don’t be disarmed by their simplicity – some of them are designed to catch your subconscious off guard.

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Overcoming Your Fear of Being Rejected by Society

Being rejected has always been a problem for humans.

Early on in our evolution, rejection would have been absolute. Being thrown out of the safety of the village and being left to fend for yourself.

But even though nowadays the consequences are rarely as drastic as that, the fear lives on.

It can manifest itself in all sorts of ways – relationships and your job for instance.

But one of the almost unspoken versions of this fear is being rejected by society.

Unless you’re an out-and-out freak, it’s unlikely that the whole of society will reject you.

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