Law of Attraction Manifestation Exercise

One of the tracks that comes with the Quantum Cookbook is a law of attraction manifestation exercise. This is a guided exercise to help manifesting good things into your life.

Whilst you can do this kind of manifesting exercise from a book, I find it easier to be guided through the process, leaving my mind free from other distractions. Sometimes I’ll use a pen and paper to write down the things I want to manifest, other times I’ll use a Word document. A lot depends on the mood I’m in – I’ve not personally noticed much difference in results that I could attribute to the different methods of writing down what are effectively my goals.

So, what’s in the Quantum Cookbook law of attraction manifestation exercise?

it’s a 25 minute MP3 file that starts off by getting you to write down the things you’d like in your life.

That’s actually quite a standard law of attraction technique – mainly because it works!

There’s something about the process of writing down the various things that you want to manifest that helps to make them more concrete.

Once you’ve done your initial shortlist, the MP3 goes through a number of different areas that you could possibly want to manifest better things into your life. This is a good idea as it’s very easy – especially if you’re just starting – to miss out some sections that are actually quite important to you.

That sounds a bit weird but actually it’s not. We can often get distracted or narrow our focus down too far, unintentionally excluding things that are very important to us.

So the MP3 covers quite a few areas that you could use the law of attraction to manifest more good things.

Once you’ve got a nice sized list of things, the next stage of the MP3 is to look for a common thread in the various things you’ve written down.

And finally narrowing that down to one main item to focus on.

Because this is the Quantum Cookbook, it’s described in terms of being the main ingredient and the process involves writing that down on the “recipe sheet” in the main PDF.

Not easy for me to do that part at the moment as my computer is still refusing to open the EXE file that is wrapped around the main Quantum Cookbook PDF.

The copy protection on my copy is overly paranoid in my view but support are slowly working with me to resolve the issue.

In the meantime, I’m probably going to move across to using Advanced Cosmic Ordering instead – it’s another way of using the law of attraction and my copy of that opens fine.

It also has the advantage of being quite a bit cheaper than Quantum Cookbook. Here in the UK, television broadcaster Noel Edmonds puts the revival of his career down to using cosmic ordering and he’s certainly had a major revival in recent years.

But whichever method I use, the law of attraction manifestation exercise looks like this:

  • Pick on one thing to manifest into your life so you can focus on it. There will be plenty of time to choose another thing to concentrate on later – it’s important to stay focused.
  • Write that thing in the present tense, as though you’ve already achieved it. Make this description as vivid as possible. Use pictures and vision boards if you get on with those methods.
  • Take action on moving towards the thing you want to manifest. Taking action is important (that’s where The Secret took an overly simplistic view) and will help it manifest faster.

The Quantum Cookbook also has a section on letting go of any “needs” that are associated with whatever it is you want the law of attraction to manifest in your life.

This “letting go” process actually speeds up the process and is explained in the MP3.

Whilst that sounds counter-intuitive at first, just think back over your life so far and you’ll almost always find that the things you’ve desperately sought out have a habit of getting further and futher away, a bit like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Whereas the things you’ve allowed to seep into your life have happened, almost without any effort on your part.

So this covers the aspect of “trying too hard” and how to overcome that aspect which is conspiring to keep you away from your goal.

I’ve now written down my main goal, in the present tense. And I’m taking quite a bit of action to achieve it – it’s a big goal – but equally, I’m going to relax at times and let the law of attraction work its magic at helping me achieve the things I want to manifest.

Which seems odd at first but I know from past experience that it works well and it works fast. So long as I don’t try to mess with the process too much!

Cosmic Ordering works in much the same way – I’ll be putting that into practice next…

If you’ve got any comments or thoughts on using the law of attraction for manifestation, feel free to add a comment below.