A Quick Five-Step Guide to Writing Your First Cover Letter

Writing a cover letter is an important task as it opens up various job opportunities and hence career growth. When you are about to write a cover letter, you should remember that fancy vocabulary and well-structured sentences are not the only ingredients for making it a success.

You also need to know what to include in the letter so that it sends a favorable impression of your creditability and helps you to make the cut! With every cover letter, the stakes are pretty high, thus you could do with a few important tips on how to write a cover letter.  So let us start: Writing a cover letter

  • Stop beating around the bush: Remember, if your resume is what is needed to knock the door of your dream job, it is the cover letter that will urge it to answer your call. So stop beating around the bush, and be honest and direct about your needs. Instead of wasting space and decorating the letter with flowery words, come to the point. Clearly mention the reason behind pursuing the particular company, you may start off with a straightforward sentence like,’I would like to apply to your company because….’. Cover pertinent details like the title you would like to apply for, location and and also mention where you encountered the ad for the job or who recommended you for the same.
  • Flattery is a healthy sprinkler: All companies, big, small or multi-national adore a little bit of self-boasting. Flattery is after all the most sincere form of imitation! So do not hesitate to sprinkle a few sentences about the company you’re applying to. It is important to mention here, that your words should not sound too cheesy, else your option will be struck out of the list even before you know it. Simply state something like,’ I have always wanted to work with you because….’. Mention some details on their past work and how they have inspired you. The company will be impressed to know that you have at least taken the pain to do some background study on them.
  • Brief them up on your accomplishments: In one or two sentences, state your accomplishments in a subtle manner. Only showcase attributes that you think might urge them to consider you for the job title. You may also state a few cover letter examples of your previous work. Experience ranks higher than qualification, so you may have an edge of others if you present yourself well in this matter. Its always good to make some bullet points so that your write-up looks interesting to the reader.
  • Describe what makes you different: Next up, is to personalize the letter. State explicitly what makes you different from the rest, and why you think you are fit for the position. Mention your soft skills, strengths and professional passions. Most importantly, state that you have envisioned a future goal in accordance with the company’s mission and write a few lines on it. It is always smart to use the company language.
  • Conclude well: The nature of your closing statement actually shows the level of interest you possess for the job title. Do not be ashamed to write something like,’I will be waiting for your reply eagerly’, or that you are hoping to meet their expectations and so on.

If you’re still confused on how to write a cover letter, just remember to be authentic, honest and a take a little help from this article! Leave the rest on luck and do not lay all your expectations on one. That will negate future disappointment.