What are the Benefits of Personal Development Planning for Individuals?

Whilst it can be fun to go with the flow and just see where life takes you, there are other times when it’s much better to have some structure.

That applies to your personal development planning as much as it does to other areas of your life.

Like most things, it’s easy to become a perpetual student in personal development. There are always so many new things to try out, so many directions to go in.

And all of them seem to promise that they’re the solution.

Once you visit a few sites, you’ll start to get ads related to personal development. They’ll show up in your Facebook feed, maybe on YouTube (depending on whether you’ve got fed up with the forced 5 second ads and installed an ad blocker) and quite likely a flood of messages in your inbox.

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How to Get Things Off Your Mind

If your mind is racing, chances are that it’s full of things that (in reality) don’t much matter. All sorts of what-ifs and those thoughts that fortunately almost never come to fruition. If they did, we’d be living in something far too close to our own personal horror movie.

So how can you get things off your mind without seeming to be uncaring and detached to those around you?

The first thing is not to get too hung up on any specific technique. Because our minds are often all over the place, different techniques will work with different effectiveness on different days and different people.

I like to have a library of techniques to use to get things off my mind depending on my mood on any given day and my suspicion is that (over time) you will too.

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How to Develop Your Creativity Skills

Creativity is something that lots of us admire. It’s also subtly supressed by our education system – the need to conform and get immediate results squashes our creativity temporarily or forever.

I’ll admit that there are some jobs where creativity would be a problem – rocket scientists, surgeons, even fast food cooks. But even that doesn’t mean we can’t be more creative outside working hours.

Here are some ways to help you get your creative juices flowing again without getting too much brain ache in the process:

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How To Organize Your Life And Get Rid Of Clutter

We all know when it comes to everyday life things can get overwhelming – and fast. Because we have so many distractions, we are always putting things off. Partly because there aren’t enough hours in the day to do anything other than that.

If there’s something I’ve learned it’s how to become organized (or at least less dis-organized).

Many people find it very difficult to get rid of clutter in their houses because of laziness or being busy at all hours of the day and night.

However, there are others who fail in this area because they don’t take the necessary steps in getting this done and declutter themselves.

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5 Best Ways To Deal With Social Anxiety

Imagine you are about to meet a colleague from work. Thinking of it makes your heart pound hard and fast, followed by a shaky, husky voice, dry mouth, and sweating, blushing, dry mouth and even worse, a stomach upset.

In reality, it is probably easier to just cancel the meeting altogether. Social anxiety is much more than just feeling shy, there is the aspect of panic creeping in and interacting with people feels like a task.

By definition, social anxiety is nervousness in anticipation of a social event or either before or after a social situation. This anxiety makes life unbearable. It deprives you of the excitement of meeting new people and interacting with others. But exactly how do you cope with social anxiety?

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6 Ways to Improve Your Assertiveness

Assertiveness is one of the key life skills that are very important especially in a social as well as communication skills training.

If you are assertive, you are able to stand up for yourself or for other individuals in a more calm and positive way without necessarily being aggressive. Hence assertiveness enables you to deliver your point or message across without annoying others and also without upsetting yourself.

Logically, you should learn and keep improving your knowledge on the various ways to improve your assertiveness in order to reduce those stressful times when you feel upset or just generally wound up.

Here are the best main ways to improve your assertiveness that can lead to improvement of your confidence when dealing with other individuals.

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30 Top Self Improvement Ideas

Unless you’re perfect then there’s always room for self improvement. The good news is that self improvement doesn’t have to be stuffy, boring and “worthy” – it probably should be fun otherwise you’ll find an excuse to stop doing it.

Dip into the self improvement ideas on this page. Some are easier than others and they won’t all be to your taste or style (but that could change over time – be open to the possibility of that happening) but some will be.

And if one or two push your comfort zone boundaries a bit then that’s a good sign that you should try them.

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How to Have an Abundance Mentality and Attract More Wealth

Having an abundance mentality is something you can nurture and grow.

It’s usually a gradual process – like most things, you chip away at the edges, almost imperceptibly and it seems like nothing is happening.

Then you begin to notice things turn round for the better and you go from a downward spiral to an upward one.

Try it for yourself, starting today!

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Where to Find Free Hypnosis Downloads

If you’ve not tried self hypnosis before, getting hold of a free self hypnosis MP3 download can be a good idea.

They’re a good way to trial whether or not you get on with using hypnosis – most people react positively to the suggestions that are made whilst they’re hypnotized so there’s a good chance that you will as well.

You could do a search on Google for free hypnosis tracks.

Sometimes you’ll strike lucky – you’ll get a good quality track and the only “price” will be giving up an email address.

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How to Set Good Personal Development Goals for Work

Developing some good personal development goals for work is in itself a good idea.

Goals help you to focus and get to where you want to get to quicker and (usually) easier than drifting through life.

Here are some good ideas for goals you can set yourself to progress further, faster, at work.

Decide on the time-scale you want to achieve your goal in.

Some people prefer long term goals (years), others prefer smaller short term goals that lead up to the big idea but have the advantage of being measured and reached more easily.

And if you do decide to go for a long term goal, split it up into smaller chunks so that you can keep yourself motivated.

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