Dr Robi Ludwig – What Does She Do?

Known as perhaps one of the more familiar faces on CNN, Dr Robi Ludwig is a jack of many trades and has used her expansive know how to help a multitude of people. She started her career in front of the camera in 1997 and during that period to date she has featured on numerous shows that include One Week to Save Your Marriage and Without Prejudice where her expertise came in handy in making the shows a success. She is also a regular on CNN and Fox News channel where in a number of occasions she talks about lifestyle issues as well as matters related to her career.
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The Benefits Of Traveling In Tibet As A Personal Development Tool

Sometimes, the most effective way to hasten personal development is to get away from where you currently live and expose yourself to new environments. Among the most common reasons why people get stressed or depressed is that they got tired of doing the same things or seeing the same things over and over again. If you want to achieve a more positive outlook in life, you need to take time to get away and experience new things. Go to places you’ve never been to. Immerse yourself in cultures that are completely different from yours. With that said, you should consider taking a journey by 4×4 through the beautiful nation of Tibet with a company like Tibetmoto. Below are some of the reasons why you should travel there for self-improvement purposes.

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Weight Loss Tips You Can Use Today

Weight loss tips

Losing weight is one of the hardest things to do. Often once you get there, you fall back into your old habits and you gain weight faster than what you lost it. It really does not have to be so difficult. If you are prepared to work at it and keep the discipline afterwards, you will achieve the desired results and keep them. It is a complete lifestyle change you need to adopt. No one is saying you need to starve yourself either, but you need to be willing to make the change. You need to exercise moderately and ensure your body is in shape. If you are willing to do this, then these tips are for you.

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Best Personal Subliminal Messages Programs Review

Subliminal messages work at a subconscious level, tuning your thoughts without you even knowing it.

Some people claim they don’t exist. Others claim that they work brilliantly well.

In my experience, subliminal messages help fine tune your thoughts and focus your mind. It could be the placebo effect but personally I don’t care as I still get results.

Here are the top 5 subliminal message programs that I’ve found and used:

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Best Binaural Beats Meditation Programs Review

Binaural beats meditation takes your brain almost instantly to a meditative state which would otherwise take years of practice to reach.

It’s as simple as putting on your headphones, pressing play on your MP3 player and letting the binaural beats work their magic.

On their own, binaural beats are not pleasant to listen to – a tone is played into one ear and a slightly different tone into the other. A bit like listening a a keyboard being constantly clicked.

This means that almost all binaural beats meditation programs disguise the tones with either music or natural sounds (often rainfall).

Because the process is so powerful, most binaural beats meditation programs have a number of tracks that take you into a progressively deeper meditative state. You play each track for a set number of days before moving on to the next, deeper, level.

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Working The Whole Night And Not Sleeping Can Have Terrible Consequences On Your Mental Health

How many times has it happened to you that your chores and things you have to do stack up so much that you reach the morning working or you catch just a few hours of sleep trying to finish everything in time? The first time it is stressful, and every next time you are getting better at it. You arm yourself with a coffee, energy drinks, cigars and you are ready to work the whole night, if needed. Still, have you asked yourself what consequences are the outcome of this way of life?

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Using Mindfulness in Recovery

Staying sober requires that we develop skills that further long-term abstinence. While there are many ways to achieve recovery, I would like to discuss Mindfulness as a tool that has been valuable to me and a host of clients I’ve worked with over the last 29 years.

Mindfulness is a concept that talks about the practice of focusing your attention and awareness based on the concept of mindfulness in Buddhist meditation. It has been popularized by Jon Kabat-Zinn. Mindfulness continues to be taught independently of religion.

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How Balloon Twisting Taught Me to Never Give Up

Never give up goes the traditional self help mantra. That and all the other self help cliches that never really do anything for us. You learn lessons from life through actual experiences and not quotations from the book. Let me share with you my experience of never giving up and what it has done for me.

As a part of my work as a children’s entertainer it is beneficial for me to know how to make balloon animals. I have been doing magic shows for a few months and finally decided one night to have a go at balloon twisting with a packet of balloons and relevant step-by-step instructional book. Continue reading

How to Get Rid of Insomnia

Insomnia is a sleep disorder whereby you can’t fall into a sleep or stay asleep for long. It is often defined as a positive response to either of the two questions that are “do you have difficulty in staying or falling into sleep?” or “Do you have difficulties in sleeping?”

It is a symptom and medical sign that is accompanied by several sleep, psychiatric and medical disorders and is characterized by persistent difficulty in falling into or staying asleep.

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Introducing ‘”The Light”: Powerful, True Enlightenment

“The Light” is not a story, a theory or a new meditation philosophy. It is a healing, spiritual mantra, an explanation of the source of man’s existence and relevance. The source is light and this light is the quintessence of all existence.

We are all basically enlightened, only waiting to be awakened. This beautiful exploration helps us discover the truth within. Finding that truth is the key to becoming a witness to one’s own being and brings with it an understanding of how we create our own reality and suffering. Ultimate healing can come from the clarity that understanding this message brings.

The text can help you unveil your inner light and lead you to deep self-realization and an illumination of your consciousness. Simply reading these truths can set you on the healing path to your natural destination of merging with the source.

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